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The E.I. Syndrome Revised by Sherry Rogers, M.D. Enlarge Image Email to a Friend The E.I. Syndrome Revised by Sherry Rogers, M.D.
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Product Description: The E.I. Syndrome, Revised is a 635 page book that is necessary for people with environmental illness. It explains chemical, food, mold, and Candida sensitivities, nutritional deficiencies, testing methods and how to do the various environmental controls and diets in order to get well.
Many docs buy these by the hundreds and make them mandatory reading for patients, as it contains many pearls about getting well that are not found anywhere else. It covers hundreds of facts that make a difference between E.I. victims versus E.I. conquerors. It helps patients become active partners in their care while avoiding doctor burnout. It covers the gamut of the diagnosis and treatment of environmentally induced symptoms.
Because the physician author was a severe universal reactor who has recovered, this book contains mountains of clues to wellness. As a result many have written that they healed themselves by reading this book. This is in spite of the fact, that no consulted physicians were able to diagnose or effectively treat them. If you are not sure what causes your symptoms, this is a great starter.
Many veteran suffers have written that they had read many books on aspects of allergy, chronic Candidiasis and chemical sensitivity and thought that they knew it all. Yet they wrote that what they learned in The E.I. Syndrome, Revised enabled them to reach that last pinnacle of wellness.

Pages: 635
Cover: Soft
Publisher: SK Publishing
Date Published: 1995
Edition: 2nd Edition; Revised
Table of Contents: Preface to 2nd Edition: i
Foreword: iii
Foreword by Dr. Doris J. Rapp. M.D.: iv
Foreword by Dr. William J. Rea, M.D.: v
Dedication: X
Acknowledgements: XI
About the Author: XIII
Disclaimer: XV
Does Your Environment Make You Sick?: XVII
Physician Heal Thyself - If You Can: 20
The Treatment: 22
Introduction: Audio Cassette Transcript: 25
Mold Allergy: 27
Serial End-Point Titration for Skin Testing: 29
Provocation-Neutralization for Foods: 31
The Brain Is a Common Allergy Target Organ: 32
Food Allergy Has Many Disguises: 33
Chemical Sensitivity Also Masquerades As Many Mysterious Symptoms: 33
We Are the First Generation of Man Exposed to So Many Chemicals: 34
Testing For Chemical Sensitivity: 36
Total Load is Crucial To Understanding Multiple Sensitivities: 38
Common Versus Comprehensive Allergy Investigations: 39
Phenol Sensitivity Can Make Common Allergy Injections Intolerable: 39
Controversy in Allergy: 40
The Candida Controversy: 42
Hormone Sensitivity: 42
Universal Reactors: 44
How Long Will It Take To Get Better?: 46
The Allergy Story: 49
The Environmental Control Unit: 51
You Do Not Have to Learn to Live With It: 52
There is a Difference in the Way Allergies Are Diagnosed and Treated: 57
Mold Allergy Has Been Improved: 59
Differences in the Practice of Allergy: 60
Cookbook Medicine Treats Diseases As Though They Were Drug Deficiencies: 63
The Changing Tide In Medical Knowledge: 65
How I Approach a New Patient: 67
Section I Inhalants: 71
Inhalants: The Allergy Plan: 71
How to Start
Summary of Unloading Steps: 73
Criteria For Admission to the Office: 74
Allergy Injection Information: 77
Examples of Symptomatic Medications: 81
General Allergy Instructions: 87
Hydration: 88
Environmental Controls: 89
Additional Suggestions: 89
Inhalant Allergies: 92
How Do Allergy Injections Work?: 98
Controlling the Environment: 99
Mold Allergies and the Brain: 106
Contact Dermatitis and Patch Testing: 108
What Should I Do If I'm Not Better?: 111
How Can I Have My Yearly Evaluation By Mail?: 112
Environmental Controls: 116
Checklist of Hypoallergenic Bedroom: 119
Personal Grooming: 119
Total Antigenic Load: 120
Dust Filtration for Heating Units: 120
Humidification: 123
Mold Sensitivity: 124
Mold Plates: 128
Allergic Diseases Manifest Themselves By Many Symptoms: 128
Where Does Mold Come From?: 130
How Can I Best Get Rid of Mold?: 131
What Do I Clean With?: 131
Ragweed Pollenosis (Hayfever): 132
Summary: 133
Are You Feeling Overwhelmed?: 134
Highlights: 137
Environmental Controls: Audio Cassette Transcript: 139
Molds That You Eat Add to Your Inhaled Mold Allergies: 141
Grooming Aids Can Add to Your Allergies: 141
Create An Allergy-Free Bedroom: 142
What About the Rest of the House?: 145
Many React Unknowingly To Everyday Chemicals: 145
What To Do When Overloaded: 150
The Total Load Boat: 153
Mental Stages of E.I.: 154
Begin Simply: 158
Section II Candida: 160
Nystatin: 165
Standard Adult Dose for Nystatin Powder: 165
Build-Up Dose: 165
Procedure For Mixing Powder: 166
Procedure For Mixing Douching Solution: 166
Helpful Hints: 166
It's Not Just Candida: 170
The Yeast Program: 180
The Most Frequently Asked Questions: 190
Warning: 196
Highlights: 198
Section III Food Allergy: 201
Introduction: 203
How To Diagnose Food Allergy - Step One: 204
Where Do I Start?: 206
Points To Remember: 209
I Need Something Spelled Out: 212
The Lazy-Bones Diet: 214
Summary: 215
Rules for Lazy-Bones Diet: 215
Four Day Rare Food Rotation Diet: 215
It's Easy: 218
Some Suggestions to Help You in Planning Your Rare Food Rotation Diet: 218
Four Day Rare Food Rotation Diet: 219
Hidden Food Antigens: 222
Ferments or Mold-Containing Foods: 224
More Hidden Food Antigens: 227
Modes of Exposure: 232
Further Instructions For Avoiding Corn: 232
Commons Symptoms of Hidden Food Allergy: 235
Highlights: 239
Rare Food Diet: Audio Cassette Transcript: 240
Universal Reactors: 258
Can I Give My Own Injections?: 261
Anaphylaxis: 261
Leaky Gut Syndrome: 262
Section IV Rotation: 263
Who Needs To Rotate: 263
How Do I Begin To Rotate: 264
Stage IV: 265
But What Can I Eat?: 266
Rotation Diet Stages: 268
Four Day Rotation Diet: 271
Days 1-4 Examples: 273
Choices I: 278
Choices II: 281
Stage III Sample Diet: 284
Stage IV Sample Diet: 285
4 Day Rotation Schedule: 286
7 Day Rotation: 287
8 Day Rotation: 292
How Are Foods Tested?: 296
Food Injection Checklist: 298
Summary: 301
Highlights: 303
Section V Chemicals: 305
The Chemical Connection: 305
Chemical Victims: 313
Your Chemical Environment: 327
Indoor Pollutants: 333
Outdoor Pollutants: 334
Minimizing Chemical Exposure: 335
The Home: 335
Personal Hygiene: 337
Shampoo: 337
Bathing Soap: 337
Deodorants: 337
Teeth Cleaning: 337
Shaving: 338
Travel: 338
Food Preparation: 338
The Rest of the Home: 338
Formaldehyde Is Everywhere: 343
Uses of Formaldehyde: 343
How to Control Formaldehyde: 346
Quick Chemical Checklist: 347
Formaldehyde is Found In: 348
Ethanol, Phenols and Alcohols: 348
Glycerine is Found In: 349
Phenol is Commonly Found In the Following: 349
Trichloroethylene: 350
Ethanol (alcohol) and Related Hydrocarbons: 351
Products of Alcohol: 352
Direct Uses of Alcohol: 353
Phenol: 353
The Formaldehyde Nightmare: 356
Case Histories: 356
Finding the Culprit: 362
The Car: 365
Getting out of a Reaction: 367
Highlights: 368
Bitter Through Chemistry?: 369
Section VI Nutrition: 370
What Comes First, Deficiency or Disease?: 370
Neglected Nutrients: 377
Where Does Inferior Nutrition Stem From?: 378
Vitamin A: 386
B Vitamins: 388
Vitamin C: 390
Vitamin D & E: 392
Essential Fatty Acids: 394
Minerals: 398
Calcium: 398
Zinc: 399
Selenium: 400
Copper: 400
Magnesium: 401
Free Radicals: 403
Germanium: 405
Accessory Nutrients: 406
Assessing Nutrient Needs: 407
Amino Acids and Taurine: 410
A Possible Mechanism for E.I.: 411
Should I Take Vitamins?: 414
What Vitamins Should I Take?: 416
Definition of Nutrients: 418
Disclaimer: 419
Commonly Used Supplements: 420
Warning: 427
Iatrogenic Illness - or How We Create Disease: 429
The Cholesterol Hoax
Are You Do for An Oil Change?: 433
Depressed or Just Allergic to the 20th Century?: 437
Highlights: 442
Section VII Total Load: 445
The Total Load Boat: 445
Roger's Rules of E.I.: 451
Hormones: 455
Provocation-Neutralization Patient Spectrum: 459
Negative Air Ions: 466
EMF: 468
Checklist for Getting Out of a Reaction: 471
Protocol for Oxygen Use In Chemically Sensitive Patients: 474
Making Your Own Mask: 475
Surgery in the E.I. Patient: 475
How to Travel: 480
How to Go to the Dentist: 483
Rising To The Challenge: 485
Very Helpful Reading: 491
Summary: 492
Highlights: 493
Section VIII Potpourri: 494
A Second Chance At Life, by Joanne, R.N.: 494
Painfree & Drugfree Arthritis: 503
The Irony of E.I.: 507
What to Do for Your Colitis - After Your Doctor Gives Up: 510
Are Chiropractors Quacks?: 516
Addendum: 519
Section IX The Nuts & Bolts of Immunology: 521
How to Choose An Allergist: 521
The Immune System: 532
Lab Tests: 536
E.I. Survivors: 551
Section X Future: 560
Section XI Resources: 584
Books: 584
Other Books of Interest: 590
Charcoal Masks: 592
Vitamins: 593
Air Cleaners: 598
Testimony: 600
Other: 600
Formaldehyde Spot Test: 600
Section XII Appendix: 602
Abstract of Chemical Testing Protocol: 602
Resources: 616
Scientific Publications of Sherry A. Rogers M.D. In Peered Reviewed Medical Journals: 619
Scientific Articles by Sherry A. Rogers in Proceedings of International Symposia: 621
Books By S.A. Rogers, M.D.: 622
Order Forms: 627
Index: 635

About the Author: Sherry A. Rogers, M.D., is a Diplomat of the American Board of Family Practice, a Fellow of the American College of Allergy and Immunology and a Fellow and member of the Board of Directors of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine.
She is a lecturer of yearly original scientific material, as well as advanced courses for physicians. She was the keynote speaker for the International Symposium Indoor Air Quality '86 in which she has described the office method for testing chemical sensitivities.
She developed the Formaldehyde Spot Test and published her mold research in three volumes of the Annals of Allergy, and chemical testing methods in the National Institute of Health journal, Environmental Health Perspectives.
She has lectured throughout China, Sweden, England, Canada, as well as the United States. She has appeared on numerous television and radio programs and writes monthly articles for health magazines and newsletters covering all aspects of environmental medicine.