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Product Description: Macro Mellow is a book designed for 3 types of people: First, for the person who doesn't know a thing about macrobiotics, but just plain wants to feel better, in spite of the 21st century. Second, it solves the high cholesterol/triglycerides problem without drugs and is the preferred diet for heart disease patients. Third, it is the perfect transition diet for those not ready for macro, while another family member must eat it in order to clear their "incurable" symptoms.
It shows how to convert the "grains, greens, and beans" strict macro food into delicious "American-looking" food that the kids will eat. This saves the cook from making double meals while one person heals. The delicious low-fat food meals designed by Shirley Gallinger, a veteran nurse who has worked with Dr. Rogers for nearly two decades, use macro ingredients without the rest of the family even knowing. It is the first book to dove-tail creative meal planning, menus, recipes and even gardening so the cook isn't driven crazy.
Most likely your kitchen contains a plethora of cookbooks. But you owe it to yourself and your family to learn how to incorporate healing whole foods, low in fat and high in phyto-nutrients into their diets. For who you have planning and cooking your meals is proven to be as important if not more important that who you have chosen for your doctor. For medical research has proven the power of whole food diets to heal where high tech medicines and surgery have failed.

Pages: 364
Cover: Soft
Publisher: Prestige Publishing
Date Published: 1992
Table of Contents: Dedication
Chapter I:
Introduction to the Transition Diet: 1
Chapter II:
Steps on the Path to Better Health: 4
Making the Commitment: 4
Eliminating the Health Hindering Foods: 5
Starting the Diet Transition: 6
The Great Balancing Act: 8
Yin and Yang Properties: 11
Food & Mood: 13
Chapter III:
The Macrobiotic Diet: 15
The Proportion Pie: 15
Tools: 19
Getting Acquainted with Some New Foods: 20
Chapter IV:
A Short Course on Whole Foods: 23
Land and Sea Vegetables: 29
Protein Sources: 33
The Wonderful Supporting Cast: 35
The Art of Substitution: 40
Chapter V:
Menu Planning: 44
Taming the Sweet Tooth: 47
Most Important, the Cook: 48
Healthy Cooking for Busy People: 49
Opps!! Leftovers: 52
Warning!! Too Much Fat is Harmful to Your Health: 55
Chapter VI:
Monthly Menus: 57
Week of Menus for Transition Diet: 69
Make Ahead Meals: 72
Quick & Easy Meal Suggestions: 73
Chapter VII:
The Recipes: 74
1. Grains, the Center of It All: 75
2. Eat Your Vegetables, Including the Sea Vegetables: 87
3. Proteins, the Body Rebuilders (Beans, Tofu, Tempeh, Seitan, Seeds, Nuts, Fish, Seafood and Animal Food): 122
4. Soup Du Jour: 141
5. Lighten Up: Salads & Pickles: 166
6. Give Us Our Daily Bread: 191
7. Small Pleasures (Appetizers, Dips, Spreads, Condiments, Sauces, Gravies and Butters): 201
8. Just Desserts: 239
9. Beverages: 272
10. Super Snacks for Kids of All Ages: 277
11. What's for Breakfast?: 283
12 The Healthful Lunch: 293
13. Eating Out: A Survival Lesson: 298
Chapter VIII:
My Story: How I Became Macrobiotic: 300
Chapter IX:
Home Remedies for Common Complaints: 303
Chapter X:
The Garden of Eden: 309
The Gardening Calendar: 309
Handy Summary of Monthly Garden Projects: 334
Chapter XI:
A Note from the Doctor: 337
Medical Aspects of the Transitional Phase: 337
Nutritional Deficiencies are Rampant in the Land of Plenty: 346
Prescription Medications Guarantee Worse Symptoms: 347
Paradigm Shift: 348
Know Your Nutrient Levels: 349
Guilt: 350
Crushing Cravings: 352
The Dreaded Discharge: 355
Macro Mellowness: 356
Resources: 357
Books by S.A. Rogers, M.D.: 362
Cooking Notes

About the Author: Sherry A. Rogers, M.D. is a diplomat of the American Board of Family Practice, a fellow of the American College of Allergy and Immunology, and a fellow of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, and is board certified by AAEM. She is a lecturer of yearly original scientific material, as well as advanced courses for physicians learning environmental medicine and nutritional biochemistry. She has lectured throughout China and the United States as well as Sweden, England, Canada and Australia. She has published 13 scientific papers and 4 books on various aspects of environmental medicine, its diagnosis and treatment. Her chief interest is helping people with undiagnosable or previously untreatable conditions to get well.
Shirley Gallinger works as an Allergy Assistant for Sherry Rogers, M.D. since 1977. She has counseled thousands of patients in a healthier lifestyle and diet. She has lectured to local groups on environmental problems and solutions and to physicians and medical technicians of the Australian Environmental Medical Society in Melbourne, Australia. She has served as a director at Baltimore Woods for 6 years and has taught extensively as an American Red Cross First Aid and CPR instructor and as a volunteer naturalist.