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Product Description: Tired or Toxic? is a 400 page book, and the first book that describes the mechanism, diagnosis and treatment of chemical sensitivity, complete with scientific references. It is written for the layman and physician alike and explains the many vitamin, mineral, essential fatty acid and amino acid analysis that may help people detoxify everyday chemicals more efficiently, and hence, get rid of baffling symptoms. It is the first book written for laymen and physicians to describe xenobiotic detoxification, the process that allows all healing to occur. You have heard of the cardiovascular system, you have heard of the respiratory system, the gastrointestinal system, and the immune system. But most have never heard of the chemical detoxification system that is the determinant of whether we have chemical sensitivity, cancer, and in fact every disease.
This program shows how to diagnose and treat many resistant everyday symptoms and use molecular medicine techniques. It also gives the biochemical mechanisms in easily understood form, of how Candida creates such a diversity of symptoms and how the macrobiotic diet heals "incurable" end stage metastatic cancers. It is a great book for the physician you are trying to win over, and will show you how chemical sensitivity masquerades as common symptoms. It then explores the many causes and cures of chemical sensitivity, chronic Candidiasis, and other "impossible to heal" medical labels.

Pages: 438
Cover: Soft
Publisher: Prestige Publishing
Date Published: 1990
Table of Contents: Disclaimer
About The Author
Chapter 1
A Headache Is Not A Darvon Deficiency: 1
Is Your Physician "Type E" Or "Type C"?: 2
There is No Such Thing As A Hypochondriac: 5
Chapter 2
Every Catastrophe Is A Blessing In Disguise: 12
Enter: A New Era Of Medicine: 16
Quick Stop Summary: 23
Diagnosing Chemical Sensitivity: 25
Chapter 3
Introduction To The Detoxification System: 33
Xenobiotics Will Become a Household Word: 34
Why The Sick Get Sicker: 44
In A Nutshell: 46
Biochemical Bottlenecks In Detoxification: 47
Orphaned Chemicals Raise Havoc With Membranes: 59
Suicide Inhibitors of the Detox Pathway: 64
Chapter 4
A Medical Renaissance Changes The Rules of Medicine: 69
Current Outdated And Obsolete Medical Concepts: 71
The Brain is the First to be Affected: 72
The Name of the Game is The Name: 75
As The World Changes, New Rules of Medicine Become Necessary: 80
Rogers' Rules of E.I.: 106
Chapter 5
It Is All In Your Head: 111
Lethal Legacy: 112
Do You Have The Pesticide Plague?: 122
Quick Stop Summary: 128
Understanding The Big Picture: 134
Depollution Enzymes: How To Test Your Detox System: 139
Chapter 6
Are You Playing With A Full Deck?: 150
Biochemical Bottlenecks That Lead To The Downward Spiral: 151
Magnesium Deficiency Can Cause Sudden Unexplainable Death: 153
How We Become Deficient In Magnesium: 155
How to Diagnose Magnesium Deficiency: 157
Manganese Deficiency Can Cause The Senile Brain: 160
Formaldehyde Is Just The Tip of the Aldehyde Iceberg: 161
The Mineral Maze: 167
Iron: 169
Zinc: 170
Molybdenum: 170
The Other Neglected Nutrients: 175
Amino Acids: 180
Think Zinc: 185
Is Part of Your Problem a Sluggish Adrenal Gland?: 189
What Tests Should I Have Done?: 191
What Should I Take?: 192
The Last Vitamin…... Vitamin L: 195
Chapter 7
Common Current Medical Blunders: 205
Are You Due For An Oil Change?: 205
How To Do Your Own Oil Change: 220
Quick Stop Summary: 222
The Myth of Degenerative Disease: 225
The Chromium Catastrophe: 226
The Cholesterol Controversy: 233
The Myth of the Calcium Craze: 236
The Myth of Osteoporosis Prevention: 236
Magnesium Solves Many Medical Mysteries: 240
Are You Wearing A Time-Bomb In Your Gut?: 244
Quick Stop Summary: 253
Chapter 8
The Transition Into Detox: 259
Phase I: Getting Organized: 259
Phase II: Detox Your Diet: 260
Quick Stop Summary: 271
Phase III: Detox Your Person: 276
Quick Stop Summary: 276
Phase IV: Detox Your Bedroom: 279
Phase V: Detox Your Mind: 282
Hugs: 288
Evaluating Your 5 Phases of Detox: 288
More on Masking: 290
The E.I. Checklist: 291
Chapter 9
Health Is Not The Absence of Disease: 299
The Principles and Procedures of Environmental Medicine: 302
Use of These Principles in Diagnosis: 302
The Mechanisms of E.I.: 302
The Techniques and Procedures Used in Diagnosis: 306
Modalities of Treatment: 306
Why is There a Need for a New Medical Specialty?: 309
Digging Our Graves with our Teeth: 313
Biochemical Mechanisms or Macrobiotics: 318
Chapter 10
When Medical Evolution Becomes Revolution: 335
Counter Point: 335
You've Never Met Your Real Doctor: 338
It's Not a Battle of Science, But Politics: 345
Alzheimer's Disease: 353
How Do You Know If Your Doctor Knows Anything About 21st Century Medicine?: 357
The Proof is Out There -- Now Go For It: 362
Welcome To The Era of Molecular Medicine: 366
There is no Time Like The Present: 381
As The World Catches Up: 382
Appendix: 385
Glossary + Index: 408

About the Author: Sherry A. Rogers, M.D., is a Diplomat of the American Board of Family Practice, a Fellow of the American College of Allergy and Immunology and a Diplomate of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, has been in private practice for over 26 years. She is a lecturer of yearly original scientific material, as well as advanced courses for physicians. She was the keynote speaker for the International Symposium Indoor Air Quality '86 in which she described the office method for testing chemical sensitivities.
She developed the Formaldehyde Spot Test and published her mold research in three volumes of the Annals of Allergy. She has published chemical testing methods in the National Institutes of Health Journal, Environmental Health Perspectives. She has published 17 scientific articles, 10 books, and was the environmental medicine editor for Internal Medicine World Report.
She has lectured throughout China, Sweden, England, Canada, and Europe, as well as the United States in medical schools, in indoor air symposia to physicians, and the public. She has appeared on numerous television and radio programs and writes monthly articles for health magazines, plus her own and other newsletters covering all aspects of environmental medicine.