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How To Cure Diabetes by Sherry A. Rogers M.D.                                                                                                         Enlarge Image Email to a Friend How To Cure Diabetes by Sherry A. Rogers M.D.
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Product Description: Who Needs This Book?
Diabetes is merely an example of accelerated aging. For that reason, this book is essential for anyone who wants to retard aging. And folks who know me through the other dozen and a half books and couple of decades of newsletters, know that regardless of the title, I never leave anyone out. Even though a title focuses on one disease entity, the information contained in it is crucial for the health of all of us, even those who do not have the disease in title, or any disease, for that matter.

Diabetes is also a perfect example of why one third of the population that doesn't even have diabetes is obese. Once you understand how we get diabetes and then how we cure it, you also will understand how to get rid of that immovable weight gain. So anyone who wants to lose weight should read this. In addition to immoveable weight gain, anyone with Syndrome X, with either accompanying high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, or hypoglycemia, of NASH is potentially pre-diabetic and needs to read this to prevent and/or cure themselves. And unfortunately, obesity, insulin resistance, and diabetes, formerly seen mainly in adults, are increasing at epidemic rates in children.

Furthermore, much of what heals the diabetic also reverses other diseases, from "incurable" Alzheimer's and arthritis to many other "incurables", like macular degeneration to mysterious nerve conditions like motor neuron diseases. For medicine merely labels diseases "incurable" if there is no drug or surgery for them. Furthermore, conventional medicine finds most diseases incurable because it fails to look for the underlying correctable causes that your will learn about in these pages. The bottom line? There isn't anyone who could not benefit from this book.

Cover: Soft
Publisher: Sand Key Company, Inc,
Date Published: 2013
Edition: First
Table of Contents: Dedication:
About the Author: i
Foreword: iii
Air Cleaners: 598
Introduction: Is Your Diabetes Doctor a Dinosaur or a Dynamo?:
Who Needs This Book?: V
How Can I Claim to Cure Diabetes When I Am Not a Diabetologist?: vii

Chapter 1: Dinosaur Diabetes Docs Depend on Drugs
Proof That Diabetes Drugs Don't Work, In Fact They Shorten Your Life?: 1
What About the Newer Diabetes Drugs? 6
"My Doctor Says I Need Drugs to Lower My Hgb A1C": 9
"My Doctor Says I Need Drugs to Lower My Triglycerides" 12
"I Needs Medications for My High Blood Pressure?: 13
"I Needs Medication for My Cholesterol": 16
"I Have to Rake A Medication to Raise My Good Cholesterol the HDL": 18
"Well, I Have to Take a Drug for My Arrhythmia: 21
"I Need Medication for My Stent" 23
"My Pain Medication Won't Have Any Beating on My Diabetes": 29
The Un-ending Dangers of Aspirin and Other Pain Relievers: 31
"I Need My Diabetes Medicine to Prevent Kidney Damage Leading to Dialysis": 34
"What About Medications for My Painful Legs?": 35
"If Nothing Else I Should Take Diabetes Medicines to Reduce the Damage to My Eyes, Cataracts and Macular Degeneration": 38
Why Do Insurance Companies Only Cover Drugs?: 39
If You Still Think the FDA is Pro-consumer, Consider This: 40
Just How Many Millions of Dollars and Hundreds of Doctors Does it Take to Prove That Diabetes is Not a Deficiency of the Latest Drug?: 41
Is Your Diabetes Doc a Danger to Your Health?: 45
Have You Had Enough Evidence?: 46

Chapter II Dinosaur Diabetes Docs Deny Disparity
"My Doctor Says I'm Fine as Long My Hgb A1C is Normal: 47
"If My Sugars Go Up in Spite of a Good Diet, I Need Diabetes Medications": 52
"I Have Incurable Insulin Resistance or Metabolic Syndrome X": 54
"My Doctor Says it's Dangerous and Foolish Not to Take a Diabetes Drug to Lower My Sugar": 59
"My Doctor Says I Must Take Medicines to Prevent Kidney Damage": 61
"My Doctor Says Nutrients Have No Place in Diabetes": 63
"I Need Medications for My Heart Failure": 66
"I've Had All the Right X-Rays" 68
"My Doctor Says He's a Specialist in Diabetes and Knows All There is to Know About the Medical Management of it": 70
Drugs Can't Be Beat. . . .or Can They?: 71
Arrest Arrhythmias Without Drugs: 73
Heart Ablation is FDA Approved . . . or is it?: 75
"I Must Take Nitroglycerin for Angina": 78
"Plavix and Aspirin Are a Must for Me": 80
"I Must Take Drugs to Lower My Cholesterol: 82
How Prescription Drugs Create the Very Diseases They Are Designed to Treat: 84

Chapter III Dinosaur Diabetes Docs Don't Diagnose Deficiencies
Nutritional Evidence is Undeniable: 86
The Mighty Minerals: 86
Chromium: 87
Vanadium: 88
Selenium: the Destiny Mineral: 90
Magnificent Magnesium: 92
No "Complete Physical Exam" Is Complete Without It: 94
Vitamin K for Diabetes?: 98
How Not to Die of Diabetic Heart Disease: 98
Disease and Death Begin in the Mitochondria: 100
You Are Only as Old as Your Mitochondria: 102
Do You Have Leaky Mitochondria? 103
Mitochondrial Repair is Crucial for Diabetes: 102
No Energy? Think Zinc: 108
Did They Forget to Check Your Gamma Tocopherol?: 110
Diabetics do Not Have to Suffer Brain Deterioration: 112
Key Nutrient Reverses Heart Failure, Even in Diabetics: 113
Diabetics Need ALC for Neuropathy: 118
What to Do When Nitroglycerin No Longer Works: 120
Nix or Norvasc: 112
Don't Let a Dinosaur Lead You to Blindness: 124
Beware of Nutrients That Cancel Each Other: 125
Balance is Key: 125
Any Source of Nutrients Will Do? Not a Chance!: 126
"How Would I Ever Figure Out What is Needed?": 129
Looking at 2 Inches of the Elephant: 131
Watch Out for the Doc Who Orders the Wrong Tests: 133
Beware of Erroneous Interpretation: 134
"What if I Can't Afford the Test?": 137
"How Can I Test My Physician?" 139
Getting Your Cardio/ION Covered by Insurance: 140

Chapter IV Dinosaur Diabetes Docs Deny Dysbiosis
The Road to Health is Paved With Good Intestines: 141
Nix or Nexium: 144
Caution: Antibiotics Can Start Your Downhill Demise: 145
Common Mistakes Made by Physicians Treating Candida: 150
Do You Need a Battery Boost?: 152
Foods to Use and Foods to Lose: 152
No Diet is Perfect for Everyone: 154
The Spices of Life: 156
The Canola Con . . . It's Worse Than the Soy Ploy: 158
Dying for a Diet Coke: 163
The Pancreas as an Allergic Target Organ: 165
Pancreatic Enzymes Deficiencies Also Promote Cancer: 168
The Celery Solution: 171
Tea Time: 173
Drink Your Way to Health: 173
The Detox Cocktail to the Rescue: 175
Where is the Diet?: 179

Chapter V Dinosaur Diabetes Docs Don't Deliver Doses for Cure
Fixing What's Broken: 181
How Do You Cure Diabetes? Start With the 7-M Focus: 181
Membrane Healing: 182
Minerals: 183
Mitochondrial Repair: 184
Meals: 186
Miscellaneous: Gut, Hormones: 188
Metals and Other Meridian Pollutants: 192
Mind, Mood, and Motivation: 195
How About an Easier Start? 197
Is it Really a Bad Hip?: 199
How to Stall Aging, Especially of Your Heart: 207
Prepare for Cardiac Emergencies Now: 210
Stock Your Home Emergency Heart Attack Box With Heparin: 213
Magnesium a Must for Emergencies: 217
D-Ribose for Your Emergency Drug Box: 220
How to Cut Your Risk of Death 80%: 222
The Real World of Medical Cures Rest in Nutrients: 227

Chapter VI Dinosaur Diabetes Docs Don't Detoxify
"What if I'm Still Not Cures?: 230
The Plastic Plague: 231
Why Are Phthalates So Important?: 235
Do You Keep Heating That the Phthalates Are Safe?: 237
If Your Weight Is Stuck, It's Because Your Chemicals Are Stuck: 244
Begin by Boosting Phthalate Detoxification: 248
The Next Stop for Getting the Phthalates and Other Toxins Out: 249
What About the other Pollutants? 252
The Heavy Metal Connection: 257
Treatment of Hypertension Without Attention to Heavy Metals is Dangerously Archiac: 259
Nix on I.V. Chelation: 261
Detoxification For Kids and Fragile Adults: 264
Slow Down Aging and Get Rid of Fatigue: 267
Cholesterol Rising in Spite of Doing "All the Right Things"?: 272
It's Downright Silly to Neglect Silymarin: 272
Ending Epidemic Arrhythmias: 276
Flagrant Cheating of the Cancer Patient is the Norm: 281
Do You Fully Appreciate the Clandestine Role of Environmental Pollutants?: 285
Overwhelmed?: 286
You Have Become Clairvoyant: 288
A Proven Way to Lower Your Plastic Level: 294
Cure Diabetic Kidney Disease: 296

Chapter VII Dinosaur Diabetes Docs Dismiss Deity
Dinosaur Docs Don't Read: 297
Is Wellness Intentionally Stifled? 305
Recent Cardiac Guidelines are a Joke: 307
Drugs Proven to be Useless in Disease and to Accelerate Death: 309
Euthanasia Is Closer Than You Think: 310
FDA Condones Brain Deterioration and Blindness: 311
Are You Headed for an Amputation? Wait!: 313
Heal Diabetics Stasis Ulcers Without Antibiotics: 319
Diabetes Leads to Destruction, Only if You Let It: 321
Are You Worth It?: 322
A Planet Gone Awry: 324
Why Is There So Much More Diabetes?: 326
How to Recognize the Dangerous Draconian Dinosaur Diabetes Doctor . . . Test Him: 328
The Great Divide is Ever Widening: 331
Your Role Has Just Quadrupled in Importance: 333
And the Beat Goes On: 337
What's Ahead? 340
The Seven Top Reasons For Failure to Get Well: 342
Dinosaurs Blame Genes and Age, While Ignoring Cure: 344
Last Chance For a Mulligan: 347

Books, TW and Services: 353
Order Form: 372
Radio Shows: 373
Summary of Product Sources: 374
Noes: 381

About the Author: Sherry A. Rogers, M.D. is board certified by the American Board of Family Practice, board certified by the American Board of Environmental Medicine, a Fellow of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology and a Fellow of the American College of Nutrition. She has been in solo private practice in environmental medicine for over 40 years in Syracuse, NY where she sees patients from all over the world. She has lectured at Oxford and in 6 countries where she has taught well over 100 physician courses, has published over 16 books including the landmark books Detoxify or Die, The Cholesterol Hoax, The High Blood Pressure Hoax, and Is Your Cardiologist Killing You? (, over 20 scientific papers, textbook chapters, was environmental medicine editor for Internal Medicine World Report, received the American Academy of Environmental Medicine Rinkle Teaching Award for Teaching Excellence, has a referenced newsletter for over 24 years, a non-patient consulting service, a lay and professional lecture service, is the guest on over 100 radio shows a year, and more. Her goal is to empower folks with sufficient referenced knowledge to enable them to heal themselves, against all odds.