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Depression Cured At Last! by Sherry Rogers, M.D. Enlarge Image Email to a Friend Depression Cured At Last! by Sherry Rogers, M.D.
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Product Description: Too good to be true? How would you like to get rid of depression once and for all? How would you like to be drug-free, regardless of your diagnosis? How would you like to show your doctor that depression is not a Prozac deficiency? How would you like to be able to turn on your brain's happy hormones anytime you like? How would you like to get rid of all your other medical problems?
It only sounds too good to be true if you are not well-versed in the blueprint for 21st century medicine. For it looks for causes and cures, not drugs and surgery to merely put a Band-Aid on symptoms. If you would like to be healthier and happier than you have ever been before, come join the 21st century medical evolution. This is your chance to take control. This is your gift of hope, where there was none. We invite you to learn what even your doctor does not yet know. Just when you thought you were at the end of your medical rope, along comes the blueprint for health, happiness and perennial hope.

Pages: 707
Cover: Soft
Publisher: SK Publishing
Date Published: 1997
Table of Contents: Dedication: III
Acknowledgements: IV
Volume 1: Environmental Factors
Chapter 1:
The Undiagnosed Epidemic: 1
Introduction: 1
Disclaimer: 3
An Epidemic in Disguise: 5
The Many Guises of Depression: 11
The Current Diagnosis of Depression: 16
Caution: Suicidal Thoughts: 19
Depression is Not a Prozac Deficiency: 20
Side Effects: 21
Progress Means a Chemical Lobotomy: 27
Misleading Medical Advertising: 30
Economic Impact: 32
Depression is a Brain Disease and/or Brain Allergy: 33
Depression and Fatigue are Linked: 37
Over-Eating: A Form of Depression: 39
Labelitis: The Most Lethal Disease: 41
The Label is the Focus: 43
Chapter 2:
Food For Thought: 46
The Food Factor: Causes and Cures: 46
Sugar: 48
Gluten and Wheat: 51
Mold and Ferment Foods: 54
Additives, Dyes and Hormones: 54
Milk: 61
Caffeine: 61
Alcohol: 64
Water: 66
Irradiated Foods: 67
Diagnosis of Hidden Food Sensitivity: 70
Food and Mood: 71
Manipulating Your Brain's Happy Hormones: 72
Diet, Crime and Delinquency: 84
Chapter 3:
The Chemical Connection: Causes and Cures: 88
Invisible Brain Poisons: 88
Brain Fog: 91
Pesticides: 99
Are You a Depressed Dursban Dummy? Or Do You Just Have the Dursban Depression?: 101
Inert Ingredients: 109
Natural Gas: 110
Toxic Encephalopathy: An Epidemic in Disguise: 111
The Toxic Teacher Syndrome: 115
Toluene: 124
Heavy Metals: 129
Lead: 134
Mercury: 136
Fluoride: 138
"My Doctor Prescribed Mylanta": 139
Prescription Drugs: 144
Immunizations: 148
Diagnosing The Problem: 148
Happiness Can Come From Simple Changes: 149
Everyday Chemicals Can Change Brain Chemistry: 150
Prescription Medications Enhance Cancer: 155
The Sick Building Blues: 156
So Why Haven't I Heard About This?: 158
Chapter 4:
Mold Madness: Causes & Cures: 162
Candida Craziness: 165
Airborne Mold Allergy Strikes The Brain: 169
Candida is a Total Load Problem: 172
Treatment: 176
Volume II:
Nutritional Factors:
Chapter 5:
The Nutrition Connection: 184
How Do We Get Nutrient Deficient?: 185
"If You Eat a Well-Balanced Diet, You Can't Get Deficient": 188
The Inter-Connectedness Can No Longer Be Ignored: 190
How the Sick Get Sicker, Quicker: 194
The Nutrient Nemesis: 205
The Magnesium Mistake: 207
Never Forget The Bell-Shaped Curve: 212
How Long Can This Be Ignored?: 213
Is There a Conspiracy of Ignorance and Arrogance?: 215
Solo Nutrient Deficiencies are Rare: 219
Deficiencies are Not Rare: 221
Chapter 6:
Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies Cause Serious Depression: 225
Vitamin B1 or Thiamine: 225
Vitamin B3: 227
Vitamin B6: 231
Vitamin B12: 235
Vitamin B12 in Sea Vegetables: 242
Folic Acid: 243
Vitamin C: 248
Vitamin E: 252
The Hidden Side Effect of All Drugs: 254
The Mineral Connection: 256
Magnesium Leads The Way as an Example of How The Sick Get Sicker: 257
The Magnesium Cycle of Disease: 266
Premenstrual Syndrome as One Type of Depression: 270
Copper Deficiency: 273
Inappropriate Iron Treatment: 278
Zinc: 282
The Chromium Catastrophe: 285
The Diet Disaster: 287
Manganese: 291
Lithium, Vanadium, Cesium: 293
Selenium: 296
The Osteoporosis Outrage: 296
Hydrochloric Acid: 297
The Happy Hormones are Made From Amino Acids: 299
Tryptophan: 299
Amino Acids Are The Building Blocks of The Happy Hormones: 305
Tyrosine: 307
MAO Inhibitors: 311
Phenylalanine: 313
Taurine: 315
Assessing And Treating Amino Acid Deficiencies: 317
SAM: 322
The Biochemical and Genetic Basis of Personality: 324
Essential Fatty Acid Deficiencies: Is Your Depression Because You Are Due For An Oil Change?: 326
The Margarine Mistake: 327
Omega-6 Oil Deficiency Can Mimic Depression: 332
Omega-3 Oil Deficiency Can Mimic Depression: 336
What Comes First, Depression or Disease?: 339
Chapter 7:
Some of The Best Kept Secrets In Medicine: Orphan Accessory Nutrients: 345
Phosphatidyl Choline: 346
Our Chemical Environment Steals Our Happy Hormones: 349
Diagnosing and Treating Phosphatidyl Choline Deficiency: 356
Phosphatidyl Choline: Why Some People Never Get Well: 359
Membrane Fluidity Determines Disease: 363
L-Glutamine: 365
Carnitine: 371
How Bad Thoughts Steal From Happy Hormones and Can Even Potentiate Cancer: 372
Consider Carnitine For Medication-Resistant Symptoms: 376
Lipoic Acid: 382
Deanol: 384
Pantethine: 387
Herbs: The Wonderful World of Weeds: 389
St. John's Wort: 389
Ginkgo Biloba: 392
Valerian: 393
Does Depression Lead To Alzheimer's: 395
Volume III:
Metabolic Factors:
Chapter 8:
The Hormone and Gut Connection: Causes and Cures: 399
Glandular Glitches: Thyroid: 399
Parathyroid Hormone: 402
Sex Hormones: 403
DHEA: 408
Other Adrenal Hormones: 410
And Don't Overlook Inhaled Nasal Steroids: 412
Melatonin: 413
Gut Level Medicine: Pancreas: 415
Chromium is Crucial For Hypoglycemia Control: 419
Crushing Cravings: 421
Gut Level Medicine: The Leaky Gut Syndrome: 427
Healing From The Inside Out: 427
Inflammation Causes Leaky Gut: 428
Bugs, Drugs, Food and Mood Precipitate Symptoms: 429
Consequences are Serious: 431
Common Scenario For Leaky Gut: 433
Leaky Gut Syndrome and Fibromyalgia - What is The Connection?: 434
The 8-R Outline: 437
How To Test and Treat: 437
The Best Test For The Leaky Gut: 441
Treating The Leaky Gut: 445
Leaky Gut, Leaky Brain Membranes: 458
Beyond The Leaky Gut: 460
Gut Level Medicine: 461
Candida: A Major Cause of Intestinal Dysbiosis: 465
A Direct Route From Gut To Brain: 470
Enzymes Help Depression: 472
Chapter 9:
The Forgotten Factor In Healing: 481
The Faith Factor is Scientifically Proven: 482
Stress Perception and Spirituality: 485
Stress is a Double-Edged Sword: 490
The Best Psychiatry/Psychotherapy: 494
Empowerment: 500
Escapism: 510
Responsibility: 511
Blowing off The Unfathomable: 513
Healing Humor: 522
Reach Out and Hug Someone: 525
Where are Your Priorities?: 526
Vitamin L: 528
The Science of Spirituality: 531
Proof for The Healing Power of Prayer: 539
Volume IV:
Chapter 10:
The Total Load: 554
Candida Raises Chemical Vulnerability and The Total Load: 562
Fatigue Versus Depression: What Comes First, The Chicken or The Egg?: 563
An Example of The Inter-Relatedness of Disease and Deficiency Symptoms: 563
Magnesium and Migraines: 566
Depression Accompanies Many Other Diseases: 569
Genetics are Not Cast in Stone: 573
Cancer: The Last Wake-Up Call, But Hardly an Excuse For Depression: 576
Sleep: 581
EMF or Electromagnetic Fields: 583
Light: Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD: 585
Exercise: 587
Smoking: 588
Visual Disturbances: 589
Arteriosclerosis is Reversible: 589
Environmental Control Unit and Detoxification: 592
Ad Infinitum: 594
Chapter 11:
Fixing What's Broken: Environmental Over-Load and Nutritional Under-Load: 598
"If I Wasn't Depressed Before, I Sure am Now!" Or From The Depths of Despair To Swinging on a Star: 598
What Can You Do Today?: 600
Getting Off Drugs: 614
Where Do I Get the Time For Healing?: 619
Actual Tests and Nutrients: 623
Why Some People Never Get Better: 626
Finding a Doctor: 627
Chapter 12:
The Current State of Medicine: 629
The Politics and Profits of Depression: 629
Penny-Wise and Pound Foolish: How Cost- Effective is Environmental Medicine?: 629
Office Pollution: A Remedial Source of Disability: 633
When Stumped, Think Environmental Medicine: 638
Gathering Clues: 639
Medicine: The Only Profession Where You Are Paid to be a Failure: 646
The Cost-Effectiveness of the Causal Approach to Disease: 650
This is Bigger Than Depression: It Encompasses All of Medicine: 652
Current Cholesterol Treatment Can Kill You: 657
Paradigm Pioneers Must Break Paradigm Paralysis: 668
Labelitis: The Number One Cause of Death: 674
Never Underestimate The Power of Medical Advertising: 674
How The Sick Will Get Sicker and You Will Pay For It: 678
From Sad To Glad: 684
The Hypertension Hoax: 686
How Common Heart Drugs Cause Cancer: 688
Just The Beginning: Danger Lurks Ahead For The Unknowledgeable: 693

About the Author: Sherry A. Rogers, M.D., is a Diplomate of the American Board of Family Practice, a Fellow of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, Diplomat of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, and a Fellow of the American College of Nutrition, and has been in private practice for over 30 years.
She developed the Formaldehyde Spot Test and published her mold research in three volumes of the Annals of Allergy, and the office chemical testing methods in the National Institutes of Health journal, Environmental Health Perspectives (also in the EPA Indoor Air Referenced Bibliography). She has published 18 scientific articles, 12 books, and was the environmental medicine editor of Internal Medicine World Report, distributed to over 100,000 physicians.
She has lectured throughout China, Sweden, England, Canada, and Australia, as well as the U.S. in major international indoor air symposia and yearly advanced courses for physicians, as well as to the public. She has appeared on numerous television and radio programs and writes monthly articles for health magazines and her newsletter of 10 years covering all aspects of environmental medicine.
We are the first generation ever to be exposed to such an unprecedented number of chemicals. Her research projects in progress focus on finding the true underlying causes for symptoms and helping people adapt to the 21st century without resultant chronic disease.