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Product Description: Did you know:
*Traditional gastrointestinal treatment is virtually guaranteed to cause illness?
*Popular antacids and prescription acid blockers actually aggravate your condition?
*Bad breath can be a signal of a serious gastrointestinal disorder?
In this remarkable book, Dr. Sherry A. Rogers, a leading expert in drug-free gastrointestinal therapy, explains how you can pinpoint the causes of your stomach distress and offers easy-to-follow advice for achieving and maintaining total gastrointestinal health. The cutting-edge methods detailed here return your body it its natural state of health - without the risks and side effects of prescription drugs. Sample menus of tasty, easy-to-prepare meals, clear, explanatory charts and tables, and an extensive list of gastrointestinal health resources make this vital reading for anyone suffering the chronic agony of heartburn. Cure heartburn and indigestion forever - without drugs!

Pages: 258
Cover: Soft
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.
Date Published: 2000
Table of Contents: Introduction: xi
Chapter 1: How Standard Medical Treatments Guarantee That the Sick Will Get Sicker, Quicker: 1
You Are Not Alone: 1
"You'll Just Have to Learn to Live with It": 2
Medications Turn Off the Gut's Only Means of Communications: 3
"My Doctor Said, 'Mylanta'": 6
The Tagamet Tragedy: 8
The Prilosec/Prevacid Scam: 10
Propulcid, Cytotec, Actigall, Carafate, and Over-the-Counter Medications: 12
Now Let's Find the Cause before the Sick Get Any Sicker, Quicker: 15
The Dangers of Drugs Fall on Deaf Ears: 16
Most Drugs Thwart Natural Function: 16
Chapter 2: You Are What You Ate: 19
Pain: The Body's Main Communication Mode: 19
Cutting Out the C-R-A-P (Cigarettes, Coffee, Refined Sugars, Alcohol, Aspirin, Pop, and Processed Foods): 20
Getting Over a Coffee Addiction: 21
What Drives You to Eat the Wrong Foods?: 23
Vanadium to the Sugar Craver's Rescue: 24
The Chromium Cycle of Sugar Cravings: 25
The Hyperactivity Myth: 25
First Steps for Improving Your Digestion: 26
Processed Foods Hide Potent Triggers of Inflammation: 28
Myth: There is Safety in Low-Fat Foods: 28
Monosodium Glutamate (MSG): Toxin at the Table: 31
Food Additives: What You See Isn't Necessarily What You Get: 32
Another Toxin at the Table: the Not-So-Sweet NutraSweet: 34
What about Saccharin?: 36
The Dangers of Unseen Additives: The Great Medical Mimics: 37
Are You Aware of the Cereal Killer in Your Pantry: 39
Food Allergies Cause Gut Reactions: 40
Figuring Out Your Food Allergies: 42
The Diagnostic Diet: 43
The Three Musketeers: Macronutrients: 46
Are You Eating a Rainbow Each Day?: 47
It May Not Be What Your Are Eating, But What's Eating You: 48
In a Nutshell: 49
Chapter 3: Curing the Most Commonly Missed Cause of Gut Disease: 51
Candida: The Great Masquerader: 51
The Many Causes of Candida Outbreak: 52
Undiagnosed, It Mimics Any Symptom: 52
Begin with a Suspicion or Diagnosis: 53
Caveats: 53
Your Anti-Candida Program to Beat the Yeast: 54
Candida-Killing Diet: 55
When Can I Eat My Favorites Again?: 68
Recipes: 69
Getting More Garlic: 77
How to Get More Healing Veggies into the Diet: 78
Beyond the Diet: 78
"What If I Just Ignore This 'Harmless' Yeast?": 79
Start with a Cleaner Gut and Fewer Organisms: 79
Probiotics: 80
Nonprescription Yeast Fighters: 81
Prescription Yeast Fighters: 84
The Candida Program Reviewed: 85
"What If I'm Not Better?": 86
Staying Well: 86
In a Nutshell: 87
Chapter 4: Bugs: The Good, The Bad, and the Deadly: 89
Helciobacter pylori: The Common Bug that Causes Ulcers and Stomach Cancer: 89
H. pylori is Everywhere: 90
A Cause of Slow, Mysterious Decline and Death: 90
How the Sick Get Sicker, Quicker, with Approved Drugs: 92
Treatment of H. pylori: The Drugstore Cure That is Ignored: 93
DGL Protocol: The Nonprescription Stomach Healer: 95
Testing for H. pylori: 97
Candida and H. pylori Are Just the Tip of the Iceberg: 97
Intestinal Dysbiosis: The Other Bad Bugs: 98
Nonprescription Gut Bug Killers: 99
The Good Bugs: Probiotics: 101
In a Nutshell: 104
Chapter 5: Leaky Gut Syndrome: 105
Healing from the Inside Out: 105
How Food Allergies Are Born: 105
Bugs, Drugs, Food, and Mood Precipitate Symptoms: 108
Common Scenario For Leaky Gut Syndrome: 110
The 8-R Outline: How to Test and Treat: 111
The Best Test for the Leaky Gut: 113
The Curse of Constipation: 114
Healing the Leaky Gut: 116
Peeling Back the Layers of Causes: 119
Hold Those Nutrients: 120
Beyond the Leaky Gut: Total Load: 121
In a Nutshell: 123
Chapter 6: Finding the Best Treatment for You, or Fixing What's Broken: 125
Gut-Level Medicine: 125
Treatments for GI Conditions: 126
Mouth Sores, Canker Sores, Mouth Ulcers: 128
Halitosis: 129
Nausea and Vomiting: 130
Hiatus Hernia, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), Acid Heartburn, Reflux Esophagitis: 131
Gastritis, Heartburn, Esophagitis, Nonulcer Dyspepsia (NUD), Dyspepsia, Acid Indigestion: 132
Achalasia: 133
Ulcer, Peptic Ulcer, Duodenal Ulcer, Gastric Ulcer: 134
Gallbladder Disease: 135
Abdominal Pain, Gas, Cramps, Diarrhea, Indigestion, IBS, IBD: 137
Constipation: 139
Hemorrhoids: 141
Diverticulitis: 142
Crohn's Disease, Blood and Mucus Colitis, Ulcerative Colitis, Regional Enteritis, Regional Ileitis: 142
Candida, Intestinal Dysbiosis, Parasites: 147
Cancer: 148
A Quick Summary of Treatments: 148
If This Is Overwhelming: 148
The Rest of the Protocols: 152
Chapter 7: Sorting Through the Mountain of Causes: 169
Caveat: The Less Likely Causes: 169
General Guidelines: 170
Pinning Down the Causes: 171
Nutrient Deficiencies Keep Folks from Healing: 180
Simplifying the Solutions: 196
A New You: 197
Healing From the Inside Out: 199
References: 201
Resource Guide: 221
Metric Conversion Charts: 247
Index: 251

About the Author: Sherry A. Rogers, M.D., is a Diplomate of the American Board of Family Practice, a Fellow of the American College of Allergy and Immunology, and a Diplomate of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine. She has been in private practice for over 26 years.