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Recommended by Dr. Sherry Rogers From Dr. Rogers' June 2014 Total Wellness Newsletter

Books about Curing Disease with Food
"[You] need to learn about folks who have kicked death in the teeth and are vibrantly healthy over 20 years after they were given just days to live with an inoperable disease. You can read about them in TW 2006 and 2013. The Macro Trilogy is three books on how to do the most healing diet that I've seen in 45 years. Start with You are What You Ate, proceed to The Cure is in the Kitchen, and end with Macro Mello."

Reduced Brain Function After Surgery
"Any surgery has the risk of reduced brain-power afterwards. In April's issue, we showed (that) four out of five people who have been in the ICU suffer brain damage…
You have learned in previous TW issues how DHA in Cod Liver Oil is one amyloid eater. And yet you learned in How to Cure Diabetes that it doesn't work without the other membrane components such as phosphatidylcholine (PC POWDER), the eight forms of vitamin E, and more. The recipe is totally there for those who want to rescue their brains."

Finding an "Out-of-the-Box" Doctor
"I know we are all looking for physicians who do not believe every symptom is the deficiency of the latest drug. So I thought you might be interested in learning about the group called Academy for Complementary and Integrative Medicine ( I became more aware of them when I was the keynote speaker last October and also received their Lifetime Achievement Award (as did Joe Mercola, who many of you know as having the most visited medical website on the planet). I was particularly impressed by the innovative ideas not only at the meeting itself, but in the commercial exhibits. This medical academy is fostering the development of physicians and other practitioners who are able to think outside the box."