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Desktop VI-3500 Room Ionic Air Purifier
ITEM NUMBER:    WEN-5000-001
MSRP: $169.99
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Product Description: The VI-3500 precipitates a wide variety of airborne contaminants, and, the VI-3500 negative ionization can help revive the fatigue, eye strain, headaches and irritability that comes with living and working in artificial, sealed environments as well.
Specifications: * Ion output: 3.4 trillion ions per second
* Ion Monitor: neon discharge pulse monitor
* Coverage: 800 sq. ft. (40' x 20') room
* Particle effectiveness: as small as .01 micron
* Airflow output: greater than 150 feet per minute
* Power use: Less then 4 watts.

Mechanical Specifications:
* Size: 7 3/4' x 7 1/2' x 1 1/2'
* Weight: 14 ounces
Material: High Impact ABS

Warranty: Warranty: 1 year manufacturer warranty!
Return Policy: In the event the unit isn't working out for you, you may return it within 2 weeks of purchase. You must contact our Customer Service Department for a return authorization number. Complete the return form that was sent with your invoice. Be sure to include any materials you received, such as the instruction booklet, as well as any parts that may have come with the unit. All units must be put in a separate box so that there are no shipping labels or writing on the original packaging. We suggest you insure the package and all return shipping charges are your responsibility. Upon its return, the unit will be inspected, and if it is in resalable condition we will credit you back less a 10% restocking fee.

In the event the unit is damaged or defective, please save all packing material and contact our Customer Service Department immediately for further instructions.

Additional Info: How to use the VI-3500
1. Place unit on a tabletop, at least 2 feet away from any walls
2. Rotate the ion emitter wand located on the back of the unit into an upright (vertical) position.
3. Plug the adapter unit into any AC household receptacle, and into the side of the VI-3500 and activate the Slide Switch. The red status light on the right side of the top of the unit will be illuminated, and the ion monitor on the left will be activated.
4. Negatively charged ions will immediately start spreading into the room, and there will be a subtle but noticeable vortex of air swirling around the emitter.
5. A harmless static build-up may be noticed when a ground surface is touched immediately after being in very close proximity to the unit. This static electricity is perfectly normal and safe.

1. Wipe the black filter pad located in the unit with a damp cloth at least once a week. This will eliminate the bulk of the precipitated particles. Regular vacuuming and dusting will do away with particles precipitated into the rest of the room.
2. Keep the unit plugged in to continually clean the air. The unit uses less than 4 watts of power, so continuous usage costs only pennies per month.
3. Do not immerse in liquids.
4. The VI-3500 is maintenance-free, no replacement parts are required. Do not attempt to repair the unit. No user service able parts are inside the unit.