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Recommended by Dr. Sherry Rogers From Dr. Rogers' From Dr. Rogers' July 2014 Total Wellness Newsletter

Drugs that Damage the Brain
"Now bear in mind, as you've learned in Is Your Cardiologist Killing You?, calcium channel blockers (for blood pressure, arrythmias, anxiety, etc.) shrink the brain within five years and decrease the IQ. And as you learned in The Cholesterol Hoax, the statin drugs damage the tau protein, which also brings on Alzheimer's. And as you've learned in Total Wellness (TW), diets deficient in DHA (as found in cod liver oil), PC Powder, the eight forms of Vitamin E, etc. allow amyloid protein to stockpile in the brain and create Alzheimer's. Directions for reversing this are detailed in How to Cure Diabetes (Yes you'll need several reads!). Plus, high-fructose corn syrup that you learned about in this year's TW is so loaded with mercury that the average amount from food and soda gives enough mercury to be equivalent to two new dental amalgams in your mouth."

Melatonin for Your Mind
"Folks with Moderate Cognitive Impairment taking anywhere from 3-24 mg of melatonin daily have improved their memory scores and ability to think and learn. Even folks with overt Alzheimer's, the end-stage, have improved sleep and some functions as well as slowed down the progression of their disease. Melatonin does not just limit itself to Alzheimer's, but other brain disorders like Parkinson's, which has a number of similarities to Alzheimer's. Both diseases lead to serious dementia."