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Hi NEEDS Wellness Educators:

I wanted to ask, for patients with fragile immune systems, mold sensitivity, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and/or environmental illness, what are the top five things to address when moving into a new rental? Do you have a recommendation for five items to purchase when moving, that help make a new environment safe and healthy?

Thank you,


Dear Candice,

Thank you for your question. NEEDS encourages everyone to make their living environment as safe and healthy as possible, but it is absolutely crucial for those with immune and environmental issues.

The first thing that I think about is having at least one portable air purifier unit that you can move around. Some people prefer to have one in each main room. The filtration material can vary according to what you need to filter. Our Customer Service Representatives are trained in helping customers pick the best filter type for their situation.

If you are painting, we carry AFM Safecoat Zero VOC paints, one of the best choices for chemically sensitive individuals. For floor surfaces, AFM also offers very low VOC sealers.

I also recommend that people check out the electromagnetic fields of any place, home or office, where they will be spending much of their time. The best way to do this is with an EMF meter, such as the TriField Gauss Meter. This will help you assess hot spots of electromagnetic radiation, so you can position furniture in safe areas. This is especially important for the bedroom, where you spend roughly eight hours at a time.

For cleaning that new home you'll want to have safe cleaning supplies. Brands such as AFM, Ecover, GrabGreen, NatureClean, and others have unscented, non-toxic options. And finally, for cleaning surfaces without any chemicals or soaps at all, consider our assortment of floor and hand-held steam cleaners from Reliable Corporation.

We wish you a healthy and happy new home!

Christine Carlson, CN
Wellness Educator

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