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Dr. Sherry Rogers From Dr. Rogers' October 2013 Total Wellness Newsletter

Nutrients to Protect the Brain
"Everytime I pick up a newspaper, they are worried about the epidemic explosion of Alzheimer's. But as you can see, our medical world is actually creating a large part of it. The first thing you can do to protect yourself is learn how to avoid taking prescription drugs by finding the cause and cure of every symptom you get. Second, don't forget the most rudimentary nutrients that we have referenced in the past that are proven crucial for maintaining and nourishing the brain back to more youthful levels. Most people's brains are literally starving for the nutrients needed for healthy memory, mood, and mind. The most up-to-date starter list (derived from hundreds of Cardio/IONs) is spelled out in detail in How to Cure Diabetes. These include nutrients that are proven to be absolutely essential for bringing the brain back to more youthful levels, like PS- 100, R-Lipoic Acid, Cala DHA, and ALC Powder."

SAD's Depression isn't all About Light
"Q: I am dreading winter because I get so depressed. Sure, I've tried the lights for Seasonal Affective Disorder, No good. Please rescue me.

A: There is much more effective treatment for winter depression. In addition, this treatment is a more common cause of winter depression and it brings additional benefits, like you probably won't get the flu this winter. It is vitamin D. Not only is it an unrecognized deficiency of epidemic proportions, but vitamin D is very important for making the "happy hormones" in the brain. Be sure to see your results because it needs to be above 60 ng/dL. Many labs call that too high, merely because government regulators haven't kept abreast of the overwhelming research of the last decade and labs are using the (government-mandated) antiquated norm of above 30. And don't use the synthetic vitamin D forms prescribed weekly or worse, monthly. Most folks need 1-2 Solar D Gems 4,000 IU daily, or better take 10,000 IU Vitamin D3."

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