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New CWR Carbonized Ceramic Filter Removes Dangerous Chloramine

Drinking and bathing with clean, safe water is a difficult challenge and pure water has become extinct. "Pinpointing the exact number of toxins in an average glass of water is impossible, but research indicates that there could be hundreds of different toxic chemicals present in our United States drinking water supplies," says Dr. Roy Speiser, VP of CWR Environmental. "Chlorine, heavy metals, parasites, industrial chemicals, and pharmaceuticals have been detected in almost all municipal drinking water. Finding new filtration technologies that can remove these toxic contaminants in our drinking water is our most important mission."

The new revolutionary CWR Carbonized Ceramic Filter technology offers the best protection against toxic threats found in our daily drinking water. One of the new toxic threats is a disinfectant chemical called chloramine, which is a combination of chlorine and ammonia that is now added to drinking water. The reason for the addition of this toxin is that in the past 10-20 years, the main pipes that deliver water to your home have increasingly deteriorated due to larger amounts of bacteria growing in these pipes. To kill the bacteria, water treatment facilities have been adding higher amounts of chlorine and chloramine without consideration of human health. Chloramine is a public health concern and has been linked to increased formation of cytotoxic byproducts, some of which are a greater health risk than the by-products formed from chlorine.

After years of research, CWR can now offer a unique filter technology that is capable of removing chloramine, called the carbonized ceramic filter, found in the Crown Water Purifier for Chlorine & Chloramine Removal. The carbonized ceramic filter has been tested by the National Science Foundation (NSF) Certified Laboratory and meets NSF Standard 42. Also, the carbonized ceramic filter has been independently tested and achieves 99% reduction of chlorine and Trihalomethane (THM).

The carbonized ceramic filter provides a number of advantages over standard carbon block filters and pour-through pitchers. It reduces chloramines, THM, and has the unique capability of ceramic filters to remove parasites and bacteria with the additional benefit of being cleanable. The Carbonized Ceramic filtration efficiency has been improved to 99% at 0.3 microns, compared to the Doulton Ceramic, which offers only a 91% reduction at the same micron level. Ultimately, this new technology will provide better protection from parasites and bacteria, producing cleaner, safer drinking water.

The carbonized ceramic filter is available in both a candle size and Imperial size that will fit all Doulton and Crown filter housings.