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Product Description: Wellness Against All Odds is the 6th and most revolutionary book by Sherry A. Rogers, M.D. It contains the ultimate healing plan that people have successfully used to beat cancer when they were given 2 weeks, some even 2 days to live by some of the top medical centers. These people have exhausted all that medicine has to offer, including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and bone marrow transplants. Some had even been macrobiotic failures. And one of the most unbelievable things is that the plan cost practically nothing to implement and most of it can be done at home with non-prescription items.
Of course, in keeping with the other works and going far beyond, this contains the mechanisms of how these principles heal and is complete with the scientific references for physicians.
Did you know, for example, that there are vitamins that actually cure some cancers, and over 50 papers in the best medical journals to prove it? Likewise, did you know that there are non-prescription enzymes that dissolve cancer, arteriosclerotic plaque, and auto-antibodies like lupus and rheumatoid? Did you know that there is a simple inexpensive, but highly effective way to detoxify the body at home to stop the toxic side effects of chemotherapy within minutes? Did you know that this procedure can also reduce chemical sensitivity reactions (from accidental chemical exposures) from 4 days to 20 minutes? Did you know that there are many hidden causes for "undiagnosable" symptoms that are never looked for, because it is easier and quicker to prescribe a pill than find (and fix) the cause?
The fact is that when you get the body healthy enough, it can heal anything. You do not have to die from labelitis. It no longer matters what your label is, from chronic Candida, fatigue, or MS to chemical sensitivity, and undiagnosable conditions, or the worst, cancer with only days to survive. If you have been told there is nothing more that can be done for you, you have the option of kicking death in the teeth and healing the impossible. Are you game?

Pages: 384
Cover: Soft
Publisher: Prestige Publishing
Date Published: 1994
Table of Contents: Title Page: i
Copyright: ii
Dedication: iii
Disclaimer: iv
In Loving Memory: v
Acknowledgement: vi
Forward: vii
Chapter 1 - In the Beginning or How this book came about: 1
Chapter 2 - Give us this day our daily bread: 11
What diverse Cancer Therapies Have in Common: 11
The Metabolic Cross: 14
General Guidelines for Transitional Vegetarians and Carnivore Diets: 21
General Dietary Guidelines: Transitional Vegetarian: 30
General Dietary Guidelines: Transitional Carnivore: 37
Case Story: Severe Chemical Sensitivity: 46
Lessons from the Carnivore Switch: 47
The Basis in Biochemistry: 50
Damaged Cell Membranes Leak Calcium: 54
High Potassium Is Critical to Healing: 57
Steaming Preserves Potassium: 59
The Silent Sick: 60
Down with Guilt!: 61
What Diet Should I Start On?: 63
Many Need an Unbalanced Diet to Begin With: 64
The More Serious the Condition, the More Dangerous Are "Subtle" Differences in Diet: 66
Leukemia as an Example: 69
Opposites Attract: 73
The Bottom Line: 73
Resources: 74
Chapter 3 - Purification: 81
"The Coffee Break": 81
History of Coffee Enemas: 82
How Does the Coffee Enema Work?: 90
Would this Help the Common Cold: 91
The Lethal Retinoic Acid Syndrome: 92
Steady as She Goes: 92
Questions about Coffee Enemas: 93
Procedure for Coffee Enemas: 95
Procedures for Making the Enema: 96
Scientific Evidence: 98
A Hot Date with Juan Valdez: 103
For the Dying Patient Who Cannot Eat: Cachexia and Hydrazine Sulfate: 105
References: 107
Chapter 4 - Man Does Not Live by Bread Alone: Enzymes, Juicing, Cleansing, Flushing and Brushing: 110
Enzymes: 110
How It Was Discovered that Enzymes Destroy Cancers: 113
What Can Cause Enzyme Deficiencies: 116
What Type of Enzyme Should I Use: 117
Other Conditions that Enzymes Help: 119
Juicing: 121
Immaculate Intestines: Gut Grooming or Cleansing: 123
Colon Cleanse Protocol: 124
Alternative Directions: 125
Procedure: 125
Flushing: 126
Materials & Procedure: 129
The Purge: 131
Brushing: 132
Additional Detoxification Routines: 133
Candida and Leaky Gut Syndrome: 134
Resources: 141
Chapter 5 - Atoning for the Biochemical Sins of the 21st Century: 145
Fixing What's Broken: 145
Dispelling Another Myth: Nutrient Deficiencies Are Rare in the U.S.: 147
How Do We Get Nutrients Deficient?: 148
Copper Deficiency as an Example: 150
The Nutrient Connection: 154
If You Fail to Identify and Correct Nutrient Deficiencies, the Sick Get Sicker, Quicker: 160
Chromium Deficiency Causes the Craving Cycle and Hypoglycemia: 167
The Vicious Chromium Cycle: 169
The Magnesium Cycle of Disease: 169
Why Leukemics Need High Calcium Prescriptions: 173
Potassium and It's Relation to Healing: 179
References: 181
Vitamin A Cures Some Cancers: 184
Cancer Patients Are Cheated: 186
References: 187
How the Sick Get Sicker, Quicker, by Following Current Medical Protocol: 193
Magnesium Leads the Way as an Example: 196
Is There a Conspiracy of Ignorance and Arrogance?: 202
Beware of Crooked Science: 205
"If You Eat a Balanced Diet, You Can't Get Deficient": 206
References: 211
Books of Interest: 220
Help! I'm Being Magnesiumed to Death!: 221
Chapter 6 - The Ecologic Trinity: Clean Air, Food and Water: 223
The Total Load: 223
What You Can Do Today?: 225
Create a Bedroom in Which You Can Heal: 225
Start a Diet with which You Can Heal: 226
Start with a Body which Can Heal: 227
Start with a Mind that Is Ready to Heal: 227
What Is Wrong with Chlorinated Water?: 228
An Environmental Medicine Approach To Chronic Back Pain: 231
Resources: 237
Heavy Metal Toxicity: 239
How to Diagnose Heavy Metal Toxicity: 244
Parkinson's Disease as an Example of Heavy Metal Toxicity Disease: 245
Never Underestimate the Importance of a Tincture of Time: 248
Food Allergy and Gluten-Sensitivity Can Mimic Many "Undiagnosable and Incurable" Diseases: 249
D-xylose Test: 254
Silent Pesticide Poisoning Can Ruin Your Life in a Day: 256
Should I take Hormones?: 259
Thyroid: 259
Adrenal Hormones: 260
Testosterone: 261
Estrogen: 262
Melatonin: 264
What's Your Passion?: 265
The Candida Solution: 266
Total Load Checklist: 271
How to Avoid Dying in the Hospital: 276
Resources: 281
Chapter 7 - The Faith Factor: 284
Spirituality: 284
For God's Sake Don't Mention Religion in Your Book!: 291
Facilitated Healing: 295
Spirituality and E.I. Have Much in Common: 296
The Corrosion and Collapse of Character: 301
Drug to "Prevent" Breast Cancer Can Cause Leukemia and Blindness: 306
What Do We Call this Program?: 311
Resources: 316
Chapter 8 - Humble Healing: 321
How Not to Die from Labelitis: 321
Case Example: 322
The Most Common Blunders of Medicine: 328
No One has More Power Over Your Health than the Person Who Prepares Your Food: 331
Alcoholism as a Multi-Faceted Disease: 333
How Do I Start?: 334
The Seven Trade-Offs: 335
Humble Healing Program: 345
Notes on the Individual Aspects of the Program: 345
"I'm Overwhelmed!": 351
Resources: 355
Scientific Publications of Sherry A. Rogers, M.D., in Peer Reviewed Medical Journals: 358
Scientific Articles by Sherry A. Rogers in Proceedings of International Symposia: 359
Books by Sherry A. Rogers, M.D.: 361

About the Author: Sherry A. Rogers, M.D., is a Diplomat of the American Board of Family Practice, a Fellow of the American College of Allergy and Immunology and a Fellow of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine. She is a lecturer of yearly original scientific material, as well as advanced courses for physicians. She was the keynote speaker for the International Symposium Indoor Air Quality '86 in which she has described the office method for testing chemical sensitivities. She developed the Formaldehyde Spot Test and published her mold research in three volumes of the Annals of Allergy, and chemical testing methods in the National Institute of Health journal, Environmental Health Perspectives. She has lectured throughout China, Sweden, England, Canada, as well as the United States. She has appeared on numerous television and radio programs and writes monthly articles for health magazines and newsletters covering all aspects of environmental medicine.