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Thyroid Power by Richard Shames, M.D. & Karilee Halo Shames, R.N., Ph.D. Enlarge Image Email to a Friend Thyroid Power by Richard Shames, M.D. & Karilee Halo Shames, R.N., Ph.D.
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Product Description: Fatigue; weight gain; depression; arthritis; high cholesterol; low sex drive; skin, digestive, and female problems; abnormal blood pressure - all may be symptoms of low thyroid, one of the most misdiagnosed disorders in America.
Thyroid Power can help you determine whether you're one of the millions who suffer from low thyroid. It discusses foods, vitamins, and natural remedies that support thyroid health; explains how to avoid environmental and emotional triggers; and offers tips from thyroid support groups. By following this clear 10-step program and working with your health practitioner, you can channel the incredible power of your thyroid into greater health and well-being.

Pages: 314
Cover: Soft
Publisher: HarperCollins
Date Published: 2002
Table of Contents: Acknowledgments: xi
Foreword by Endocrinology Professor Nathan Becker, M.D.: xiii
Preface: Low Thyroid: An Undeclared Epidemic: xvii
Before You Begin: How This Book Can Help: xix
Step 1: Consider Thyroid the Hidden Factor in Your Overall Health: 1
Step 2: Learn How Low Thyroid Makes Any Illness Worse: 22
Step 3: Use Signs, Symptoms, and Family History to Support a Diagnosis: 42
Step 4: Realize You May Still Be Low Thyroid Despite Normal Tests: 60
Step 5: Discover YOUR Best Dose, Brand, or Mix of Medicines: 87
Step 6: Reestablish Balance in Your Reproductive System: 107
Step 7: Determine If Low Adrenal Should Also Be Treated: 130
Step 8: Boost Your Medication with Natural Therapies: 152
Step 9: Improve the Underlying Autoimmune Condition: 179
Step 10: Reach Optimal Recovery with an Empowered Lifestyle: 208
Beyond the Tenth Step: How to Tap the Source of Boundless Energy: 237
The 5-Day Jump Start: How to Begin Your Program Quickly: 255
Show This to Your Doctor: 261
Useful Terms: 267
Fluoride Facts: 275
Resources: 279
Tests: 287
Medications Useful for Low Thyroid: 291
Food Choices: 293
Recommended Supplements: 295
Notes: 297
Further Reading: 301
Index: 307

About the Author: Richard L. Shames, M.D., is a graduate of Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania Medical School. A founding member of the American Holistic Medical Association, he has served as adjunct faculty at UCSF Medical Center and Florida Atlantic University and is a general practitioner in Mill Valley, California, specializing in thyroid treatment and telephone thyroid coaching nationally via his website
Karilee Halo Shames, R.N., Ph.D., is a clinical specialist in psychiatric nursing and a certified holistic nurse. She is an assistant professor of nursing at Florida Atlantic University. A low thyroid person herself, Karilee has led thyroid recovery support groups for many years and works with Dr. Richard Shames, providing national telephone consultation and speaking at Thyroid Power conferences.