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The Vitamin E Factor by Andreas Papas, Ph.D. Enlarge Image Email to a Friend The Vitamin E Factor by Andreas Papas, Ph.D.
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Product Description: The Vitamin E Factor provides a brand new perspective on vitamin E based on the latest cutting edge research. You will find how this amazing nutrient and master antioxidant can help you:
*Prevent heart attacks, some cancers and cataracts.
*Delay the onset of and Alzheimer’s disease.
*Reduce the risk of complications from diabetes and AIDS.
*Slow down the aging process.
*Protect your skin.
*Maintain good health and improve the quality of life.
Even more important, this book explains why most commercial vitamin E products do not provide the full benefits because they contain only one of the eight members of the vitamin E family. You will be introduced to the long-ignored other tocopherols and the tocotrienols and their benefits. You will learn how to develop a customized personal plan to enjoy the full benefits of the whole vitamin E team. This amazing team is an indispensable partner for good health and quality of life: vitamin E can help improve poor fertility of men, help mothers have healthy babies, and reduce the misery of arthritis, premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and menopause.

Pages: 395
Cover: Soft
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers, Inc.
Date Published: 1999
Edition: First
Table of Contents: Acknowledgements: xi
Foreword: xiii
Introduction: 1
Part I - The Vitamin E Family - Up Close and Personal
1. The History of Vitamin E: 11
2. Getting to Know the Vitamin E Family: 30
3. What is Esterified Alpha-Tocopherol?: 42
4. Why Natural Vitamin E is Better: 48
Part II - From Our Gut to Our Tissues: How Vitamin E is Absorbed and Transported in Our Body
5. Learning from Vicki the Elephant: Absorption and Use of Vitamin E: 63
6. Oil and Water Do Not Mix, or Do They? How Vitamin E is Absorbed: 75
7. Diseases (Mostly Genetic) That Cause Vitamin E Deficiency: 84
Part III - How Vitamin E Works In Our Body
8. The Burden of Proof: 97
9. The Master Antioxidant Plus: 111
10. Keeping the Bad Cholesterol LDL from Becoming Really Ugly: 127
Part IV - Major Chronic Diseases: The Role of Vitamin E
11. The Heart and Vitamin E - Part 1: 137
12. The Heart and Vitamin E - Part 2: 146
13. Cancer: Great Expectations: 155
14. Vitamin E and Diabetes - The Great Management Tool: 170
15. For Your Eyes Only: 182
16. Rays of Hope for Delaying Alzheimer's Disease (and Other Horrible Diseases of the Brain): 191
17. Battling AIDS - An Indispensable Ally: 204
18. Autoimmune Diseases - Can Vitamin E Help?: 217
Part V - Improving Health and the Quality of Life
19. Aging with Good Health (and Grace): 227
20. Exercise: 241
21. Let's Get (Very) Personal: 252
22. More Than Skin Deep: 266
Part VI - Where To Find Vitamin E, Which Form To Use, And How Much
23. Finding Vitamin E in Foods: 283
24. How Much Vitamin E Should I Take and Which Form?: 296
25. A Guided Tour of the Vitamin Counter (in Your Neighborhood Health Food Store, Drugstore, or Grocery Store): 304
26. How Safe is Vitamin E?: 311
Part VII - What Does The Future Hold?
27. My Crystal Ball: 323
Epilogue: 331
Appendix A - The Eight Members of the Vitamin E Family: 333
Appendix B - Natural Versus Synthetic Alpha-Tocopherol - 335
Appendix C - How the Potency of Vitamin E is Calculated for the Products You Buy: 337
e-References: 338
Books: 347
Scientific (and some e-) References: 349
Index: 381

About the Author: Andreas M. Papas, Ph.D., is a senior technical associate at Eastman Chemical Company and adjunct professor at the James Quillen College of Medicine at East Tennessee State University. He has extensive experience in antioxidant and vitamin E research and has edited the widely acclaimed scientific book Antioxidant Status, Diet, Nutrition, and Health.