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The Scientific Basis for Selected Environmental Medicine Techniques by Sherry Rogers, M.D. Enlarge Image Email to a Friend The Scientific Basis for Selected Environmental Medicine Techniques by Sherry Rogers, M.D.
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Product Description: This book contains scientific evidence and references for the techniques of environmental medicine. It is designed with the patient in mind who is being denied medical payments by insurance companies that refuse to acknowledge environmental medicine. With this guide a patient may choose to represent himself in small claims court and quote from the book showing, for example, that the Journal of The American Medical Association states that "titration provides a useful and effective measure of patient sensitivity", and that a U.S. Government agency states that "an exposure history be taken for every patient". Failure to do so can lead to an inappropriate diagnosis and treatment.
This book is designed for patients who choose to find the causes of their illnesses rather than treat their symptoms with drugs for the rest of their lives. It is also for those who have been unfairly denied their insurance coverage.

Pages: 130
Cover: Soft
Publisher: SK Publishing
Date Published: 1994
Table of Contents: History and Physical: 5
Laboratory: 8
Nutritional Deficiencies are Common: 8
Nutritional Medicine Saves Money: 10
Correction of Nutrient Deficiencies Treats Symptoms: 10
Magnesium As An Example of the Diverse Symptoms One Mineral Deficiency Can Cause: 11
MYTH: If You Eat A Balanced Diet You Cannot Get Deficient: 13
Behind Every Symptom Is a Biochemical Abnormality - Often a Diagnosable and Treatable Deficiency: 14
In Summary: 16
Nutrient Deficiencies Are Part of the Cause of Chemical Sensitivity: 20
There Is Justification To Look For Nutrient Deficiencies For Every Symptom and In Every Disease: 22
Vitamin Deficiencies Can Also Cause Conditions Treated By Surgery: 23
Vitamins, Amino Acids, and Essential Fatty Acids All Run the Body Chemistry: 24
Magnesium Loading Test As One Example of One Type of Specialized Test: 27
In Summary: 27
Environmental Controls: 30
Creating the Allergy-Free Oasis: 30
Mold Plates or Petri Dishes: 33
Allergy To Pollens, Dusts and Molds: 34
Testing Serial Dilution End-Point Titration: 36
Immunotherapy Without Titration Can Be Dangerous: 39
Oral Hyposensitization: 42
Publications Supporting the Scientific Validity of Titration: 43
In Addition: 45
Food Allergy: 47
Food Allergy Can Mimic Any Symptom: 47
Diagnostic Diets: 51
Macrobiotic Diets: 52
Food Allergy Injections: 55
Hormones: 56
Provocation-Neutralization Phenol: 57
Provocation Neutralization Is Used to Diagnose Food and Chemical Sensitivities: 58
Peer Reviewed Scientific Studies Supporting P-N For Testing: 63
Critiques of Negative Studies Attempting to Discredit P-N: 68
Chemical Sensitivity: 69
Organic Solvents: 69
Perchloroethylene: 74
Toluene: 75
Trichloroethyle: 76
The Brain As Target Organ: 77
Formaldehyde: 79
Organphosphate Pesticides: 79
References: 80
Xenobiotics Mimic Any Disease: 88
Pesticides: The Greatest Mimic Of All: 91
Proof of Chemical Sensitivity: 93
Healing the Gut Can Halt the Vicious Cycle of Disease: 94
Intestinal Dysbiosis and Intestinal Hyperpermaeability: 94
References: 97
Intestinal Organisms Can Leak Into The Blood Stream: 100
Intestinal Healing: 101
Biochemical Individuality, Target Organ Specificity, and Total Load: 102
Total Load: 108
The Key is Finding the Cause, Not the Label: 112
Notes on Individual Diseases: 113
Reasons Insurance Companies Use to Reject Claims: 115
Service Not Reasonable and Customary: 115
Unproven and Experimental: 117
Not Commonly Done: 120
Preventive Medicine Not Covered: 124
Phone Consultations: 126
Prescriptions for Non-prescription Items: 126
The Need For Special Housing While Testing: 130
Summary: 130
Addendum: 130

About the Author: Sherry A. Rogers, M.D. is a Diplomate of the American Board of Family Practice, Diplomate of the American Board of Environmental Medicine, Fellow of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology and a Fellow of the American College of Nutrition. She has been in solo private practice in environmental medicine for over 35 years in Syracuse, NY where she sees patients from all over the world.
She has lectured at Oxford and in 6 countries where she has taught well over 100 physician courses, has published over a dozen books including the landmark book "Detoxify or Die" (, 20 scientific papers, textbook chapters on medical journal editorial boards, was environmental medicine editor for "Internal Medicine World Report", has a referenced newsletter for 16 years, a non-patient consulting service, a lay and professional lecture service, is the guest on over 100 radio shows a year, and more.