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Product Description: Do you often feel irritable, anxious, depressed, disconnected, or moody for no apparent reason? These problems might well have something to do with what you eat, and The Food-Mood Solution shows you what you can do about it. Jack Challem lays out an easy-to-follow four-step plan for feeding your brain the right nutrition, including cutting-edge advice on choosing the foods and supplements that are right for you as well as tips on improving your lifestyle and habits. This all-natural program will help you to:
* Reduce the frequency and intensity of bad moods
* Be less irritable and impatient
* Have more energy and sleep better
* Increase your concentration and stress-proof your life
* Reduce the risk of illnesses, including diabetes and heart disease
* Decrease your susceptibility to panic attacks, aggressiveness, obsessive-compulsive behavior, depression, and other mood concerns

Pages: 273
Cover: Soft
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Date Published: 2007
Table of Contents: Foreword by Melvyn R. Werbach, M.D.: ix
Acknowledgements: xiii
Introduction: 1
Part I: The Food-Mood Connection
1. How Food Affects Your Mood: 11
2. How Life's Stresses Do a Number on Your Moods: 27
3. Neuronutrients, Moods, and Your Mind: 39
Part II: How to Improve Your Moods
4. The First Step: Take Your Supplements: 59
5. The Second Step: Eat Mood-Enhancing Foods: 87
6. The Third Step: Be More Active: 133
7. The Fourth Step: Begin Changing Your Life Habits: 139
Part III: Improving Your Specific Mood and Behavior Concerns
8. Dealing with Irritability, Anger, Aggressiveness, and Violent Behavior: 167
9. Reducing Anxiety, Panic Attacks, and Obsessive-Compulsive Behavior: 183
10. Reducing Distractible and Impulsive ADHD-like Behavior: 203
11. The Overweight-Prediabetes Connection to Mood Swings: 213
12. Dealing with Down Days, Depression, and Bipolar Disorder: 221
13. Dealing with Alcohol and Drug Abuse: 237
Afterword: 247
Appendix: 250
Selected References: 257
Index: 265

About the Author: Jack Challem, known as The Nutrition Reporter, is one of America's most trusted health writers, with thirty years of experience describing research on nutrition, vitamins, minerals, and herbs. He graduated with high honors from Northeastern Illinois University and is both a sociologist and a nutrition expert. Challem is the author of Feed Your Genes Right, The Inflammation Syndrome, and the lead author of the best-selling Syndrome X: The Complete Nutritional Program to Prevent and Reverse Insulin Resistance. He is also the series editor for the fifty-volume User's Guide series of health paperback books and the author of several titles in that series. He writes The Nutrition Reporter newsletter and contributes regularly to many magazines, including Alternative Medicine, Better Nutrition, Body & Soul, Experience Life, Let's Live, and others. Jack's scientific articles have appeared in Free Radical Biology & Medicine, Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, Medical Hypotheses, and other journals. In addition, he is a columnist for Alternative & Complementary Therapies. Jack is a frequent speaker at nutritional medicine conferences and to consumer health groups.