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The Acid Alkaline Food Guide by Dr. Susan Brown Enlarge Image Email to a Friend The Acid Alkaline Food Guide by Dr. Susan Brown
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Product Description: In the last few years, researchers around the world have reported the importance of acid-alkaline balance. When the body enjoys pH balance, you experience radiant good health. When the body is out of kilter, the disease process begins, resulting in problems ranging from bone loss to premature aging and more. The key to a healthy pH is proper diet, but for a long time, acid-alkaline food guides have included only a small number of foods. Or they did, until now.
The Acid-Alkaline Food Guide is a complete resource for people who want to widen their food choices. The book begins by explaining how the acid-alkaline environment of the body is influenced by foods. It then presents a list of thousands of foods and their acid-alkaline effects. Included are not only single foods, such as fruits and vegetables, but also popular combination and fast foods, like burgers and fries. In each case, you'll not only discover whether a food is acidifying or alkalizing, but you'll learn the degree to which that food affects the body. Informative insets guide you in choosing the food that's right for you.
The first book of its kind, The Acid-Alkaline Food Guide will quickly become the resource you turn to at home, in restaurants, and whenever you want to select a food that can help you reach your health and dietary goals.

Pages: 194
Cover: Soft
Publisher: Square One Publishers
Date Published: 2006
Table of Contents: Acknowledgments: vii
Introduction: 1
Part One: Understanding Acid-Alkaline Balance
1. Acid-Alkaline Balance for Good Health: 9
2. The Consequences of Acid-Alkaline Imbalance: 21
3. Testing for pH Balance: 41
4. Creating Acid-Alkaline Balance: 51
5. Understanding the Food Tables: 65
Conclusion: 73
Part Two: The Food Tables
A-to-Z Listing of Basic Foods: 79
Fast Food Table: 161
Glossary: 165
Bibliography: 171
Alkalizing Supplements: 177
Ordering Information: 183
About the Authors: 185
Index: 187

About the Author: Susan E. Brown, PhD, CCN, is a medical anthropologist and New York State Certified Nutritionist. A clinician, researcher, and author, she has over twenty years experience in clinical nutrition and lay and professional health education. Dr. Brown directs the Osteoporosis Education Project and the Nutrition Education and Consulting Service in East Syracuse, New York.
Larry Trivieri, Jr. is a professional writer in the field of holistic health. His articles on health have appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers throughout North America, and he served as coauthor of the bestseller Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide.