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#7 Detoxificant
ITEM NUMBER:    SON-5003-032
SIZE:    32 Fluid Ounces
MSRP: $26.69
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Product Description: Our Detoxificant is a natural and powerful detoxicant derived from bentonite, a mineral-rich volcanic clay. For centuries, native tribes around the world have recognized and benefited from the healing properties of bentonite clay in internal and external applications. It has been used to prevent amoebic dysentery and diarrhea. Through a unique process we refine bentonite clay, removing mica and impurities, in order to concentrate the active detoxifying ingredient, montmorillonite ('mont-mor-ill-o-nite'). This procedure places montmorillonite into a colloidal suspension and retains its innate negative charge. These properties allow the powerful adsorption (physical binding) of positively charged substances. (Most metabolic, environmental, and chemical wastes are positively charged.) Montmorillonite possesses the ability to adsorb about 40 times its own weight in positively charged substances present in the alimentary canal. Because montmorillonite has such strong adsorptive properties, it tightly binds materials to be excreted in the urine and feces.
Warnings: Since bentonite, the main ingredient in #7 with its active constituent Montmorillonite, has such strong adsorptive powers, its consumption could render unavailable some of the necessary nutrients, such as certain vitamins, by adsorbing them from the alimentary canal. However, independent experiments purposely designed to find out how much this adsorption would adversely affect the growth and health of experimental animals indicated no ill effects when the intake of bentonite was 25% of the total diet, but did adversely affect the health when the intake of bentonite was increased to 50% of the total diet. (From Annals of the N.Y. Academy of Science, Vol. 57, page 678, May 10, 1954.) Since our product is mostly water with only a small proportion of bentonite, to reach this state of toxicity it would mean projecting the results of the experiment so that a person would have to consume each day a supply designed for 1,032 days. In other words, mathematically for the bentonite in our product to reach the toxic level of 50% of the diet it would be necessary to consume a 3 year supply each day over an extended period.
Additional Info: Tamper-Resistant: Imprinted seal over bottle neck. If seal is broken do not use.
Packaging: Amber Glass
Ingredients: Mechanically active adsorbent ingredient: Colloidal Bentonite (U.S.P Grade) containing the active constituent Montmorillinite super refined with demineralized water as vehicle.
Suggested Use: Important: Shake well before using. For average adult 1 tablespoonful. For others, 1 teaspoonful for each 50 pounds body weight. Take 2 doses per day. The first one in warm water upon rising; the other undiluted at time of evening meal. However, drink at least one glassful of water between meals to assist elimination of acid and toxic waste through the kidneys. May be taken for a duration as long as desired.