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Pain Free in 6 Weeks by Sherry Rogers, M.D. Enlarge Image Email to a Friend Pain Free in 6 Weeks by Sherry Rogers, M.D.
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Product Description: The most complete and authoritative book on healing pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia, colitis, lupus, migraine, tendonitis, prostatitis, angina, neuritis, Gulf War Syndrome, chronic back pain, cystitis, and end-stage cancer.
Prisoner of pain, queen of drugs. Just when I had exhausted every specialist, every medication and thought there was no way out, I discovered a whole world of control that is within the grasp of everyone. Pain is pervasive. Just look at the drug and grocery store shelves lined with painkillers. It would be an unusual bathroom cabinet or gym bag that did not contain a few drugs for pain as well. And pain knows no boundaries, attacking every system. Do you have chronic back pain, knee or shoulder pain, or the total body pain of fibromyalgia? Or is it the devastating migratory pain of rheumatoid arthritis or the nagging pain of osteoarthritis, degenerative arthritis or that of an old injury? Have you been told you have to learn to live with it or that you are getting older? Funny, the other joints are just as old, yet they don't hurt. The pain of migraine, angina, tic doloreux, TMJ, colitis, endometriosis, PMS, Gulf War Syndrome, diabetic neuropathy, cystitis or prostatitis all share one thing: there is no recognized cure. But buck up, for there is nothing further from the truth. In fact you can even learn how to turn off the morphine-resistant pain of metastatic, end-stage cancer within hours. If you want complete control over pain so that you never have to suffer again, read on.

Pages: 415
Cover: Soft
Publisher: Sand Key Company, Inc.
Date Published: 2001
Table of Contents: Chapter 1
What is Your Pain Trying to Tell You?: 1
Pain and simple, Drugs Destroy: 1
Princess of Pain and Queen of Drugs: 3
Types of Pain: 8
The Reason for Pain: 8
Pain Means Inflammation: Inflammation Means Reaction to or Rejection of Something: 9
If Everything Heals, Why Should Pain be Chronic?: 11
Message in Nutshell: 12
Chapter 2
The Nightshade Nemesis: 13
The Hidden Answer to Crippling Pain: 13
Too Easy to Believe: 14
Food That Cripples: 17
Nightshade Substitutes: 23
The Deadly Nightshades Mimic the Need For Disc Surgery: 25
Avoidance is the Key: 28
You May Not Hurt Enough to Do the Diet: 29
Thank You, Dr. Norm Childers: 34
Mechanism and Science for Physicians: 35
Conclusion: 42
Message in a Nutshell: 43
Chapter 3
CM: A Miracle in Medicine?: 45
Government Research Has Curious Priorities: 47
How Does CM Work?: 51
This Sounds Too Good To Be True: 53
How CM is Supplied: 58
How to Take CM: 64
Are You Due For An Oil Change?: 68
Cetyl Myristoleate Products: 70
Mechanism and Science for Physicians: 71
Message in a Nutshell: 73
Chapter 4
Healing From the Inside Out: 74
Pain Medications Destroy Bone and Create New Diseases: 74
How the Sick Get Sicker, Quicker: 77
The Gut Leaks Toxins That Cause Fibromyalgia and Arthritis: 78
The Leaky Gut Causes Food Allergies: 79
The Vicious Cycle of Escalating Disease is Triggered By Medications: 81
Gut Level Medicine: The Leaky Gut Syndrome Triggers Depression: 82
The Gut Connection to All Disease: 83
Bugs, Drugs, Food and Mood Damage the Gut: 84
Common Scenario for Leaky Gut: 89
Common Pain Medications Cause and Perpetuate Fibromyalgia: 90
The 8-R Outline: How to Test and Treat: 93
Healing With a Delicious Shake?: 97
Healing From the Inside Out: 98
Candida: A Major Cause of Fibromyalgia: 98
Don't Make Your Candida Drug-Resistant: 100
We are Full of Bugs with Ready Access to our Muscles and Joints: 102
Muscles and Joints: 105
And Hold the Tylenol: 108
Quick Stop Summary: 108
Safe NSAID Substitutes: 109
Lyprinol to the Rescue: 109
Further Power Over Pain: Magnesium & Malic Acid: 111
Take DLPA and Be Happy Plus Pain-Free: 114
Message in a Nutshell: 116
Chapter 5
Building Bone the Safer and Non-Prescription Way: 117
Glucosamine Sulfate Rebuilds Bones: 117
Other GAGs to Build By: 121
Collagen Type II: 121
Bovine Cartilage: 123
Adjuncts to Rebuilding Bone and Tissue: 124
The Niacinamide-Arthritis Connection: 133
Bone Soup: 133
Now, to Repair the Source of Pain, the Cell Membrane: 134
Membrane-Restoring Formula: 136
Message in a Nutshell: 136
Chapter 6
Ultimate Healing From Pain: 137
Environmental Toxins Are Everywhere: 139
Stealth Poisons Lurk in Styrofoam Cups: 140
Cadmium, the Killer: 143
Cadmium the Cause of "Ouch-Ouch Disease": 145
Arsenic, Another Hidden Cause of Pain: 147
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons: 148
No Toxin Pollutes Alone: 150
Toxic Teeth: The Hidden Health Hazard: 151
The Jawbone is Connected to Every Organ: 153
The Many Disguises of Heavy Metal Toxicity: 156
Mercury a Common Toxin to Paralyze the Immune System: 160
Addressing the Total Load is the Only Way to Heal The Impossible: 160
Is the Cause of Your Pain All In Your Head or All In Your Mouth?: 161
Sauna, the Key to Dumping Stored Toxins: 163
The Superior Sauna-FIRS: 166
The Hot Solution for Body Pollution: FIRS: 168
What Makes the FIR Sauna Unique?: 169
FIRS Cures Pain in the Most Mysterious Cases: 171
What Exactly is FIR?: 174
Is Your Detox System Ready for Sauna?: 175
How to Use the FIR Sauna: 176
CAUTION: All Tri-Salts Are Not the Same: 184
In Summary: 194
Chapter 7
Picking Out the Remaining Pieces of the Pain Puzzle: 198
Fast Yourself: 198
Feed Yourself: 200
Hydrate Yourself: 209
Alkalinize Yourself: 212
Dissolve Yourself: 217
Enzymes Dissolve Destructive Antibodies: 218
Protect Yourself: 225
Fortify Yourself: 231
Lubricate Yourself: 236
Purge Yourself: 241
Brace Yourself: 250
Realign Yourself: 252
Deep Heat Yourself: 253
Sterilize Yourself: 258
Magnetize Yourself: 261
Nightshade Nemesis Can Mimic Need for Emergency Decompression Surgery: 261
Hyperoxygenate Yourself: 268
Experiment Yourself: 269
Elevate Yourself: 271
Connect Yourself: 273
Total Load: 273
The End of the Beginning?: 277
Message in a Nutshell: 277
Chapter 8
The Daily Plan of Attack For Prisoners of Pain: 278
Are Your Priorities in Place?: 278
Overall Plan: Detox, Rebuild and Protect: 280
Stage Ia-Go Nightshade-Free: 283
Turning Off an Accidental Ingestion: 286
Stage Ib-To Detox If Bed-Ridden or in Severe Pain: 287
Stage Iia-Rebuild With CM and Magnesium: 288
Stage IIb-Enzyme Facilitated Nutrient Penetration,
Repair of Muscle Spasm and Bone Loss: 293
Stage IIc-Repair Cell Membranes: 296
Stage IId-Repair the Gut: 299
Stage III-Protective Maintenance: 299
Stage Ic-Very Damaged or Overloaded, Needs Clean-Out: 302
Stage Id-Further Options: 304
For the Acute or Emergent Problem: 306
A Quick Overview: 311
Special Pain Solutions: 313
The Pain of Terminal Cancer: 313
Neuropathic Pain, Migraines, Tic Doloreux, Raynaud's, TMJ, Sympathetic Reflex Dystrophy, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Cluster Headaches, Shingles, Temporal Arteritis, Lupus, Gout: 318
Chest Pain: 322
Acute Injuries: 326
Gulf War Syndrome: 326
Colitis, Endometriosis, PMS, Cystitis, Prostatitis, Etc.: 328
Diabetic Neuropathy: 329
The Teleologic Reason for Pain: 331
KISS Theory: Keep It Simple, Sherry: 336
Just the Beginning: 337
Chapter 9
Resources: 339
Sources of Non-Prescription Supplements: 339
Tests: 340
Where Can I find a Doctor Who Does This Kind of Medicine?: 344
For Chelation Physicians: 345
Environmental Units: 345
Manufactures and/or Suppliers of Specific Nutrients and Other Items Referred to Here: 345
Cetyl Myristoleate Products: 346
Far Infrared Sauna and Products: 347
Orthotics (Braces): 347
Important Nutrients: 348
Magnets: 359
Products for Cleaner Environment: 360
Other Resources: 364
Books and Services by Sherry A. Rogers, M.D.: 365
Price List: 380
Order Form: 381
Chapter 10
References: 382

About the Author: She is board certified by the American Board of Environmental Medicine, the American Board of Family Practice, is a Fellow of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology and a Fellow of the American College of Nutrition. She has been in solo private practice in environmental medicine for 30 years in Syracuse, New York where she sees patients from all over the world. She has taught over 100 physician courses in 6 countries, published a dozen books, 18 scientific papers, textbook chapters, has a referenced newsletter for 12 years, a non-patients consulting service, is a frequent radio and television guest, and more.