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Luxor Enlarge Image Email to a Friend Northern Light Technologies
ITEM NUMBER:    NTL-5005-001
Your Price: This product carries a drop ship charge of $15.00.

Product Description: The Luxor is a unique light therapy unit. It uses special helical full spectrum 40 watt fluorescent technology. The simplicity of its design makes it an ultra reliable unit. To the Egyptians, and many other early civilizations, pyramids were believed to promote healing and represented many of the positive aspects of their culture. Let you Luxor bring you sunshine and well-being for many years to come.
Specifications: * The Luxor delivers 10,000 Lux at 7-9 inches or 5,000 Lux at a distance of 10-12 inches.
* The power in the Luxor is channeled into light, not heat.
* The lamp stands 15 inches high, 15 inches wide, and weighs 8 lbs.
* The Luxor can also be used at home or at the office, for any task that requires bright lighting.

Filter Media: * The bulb is a 10,000 Lux fluorescent spiral bulb.
* There is one bulb in this unit.

Filter Change: The tube life is 2,000 hours.
Warranty: * The Luxor comes with a 7-year manufacturer warranty.
* The warranty does not apply to the bulb.

Warnings: Bright light can cause eye and/or skin irritation and headaches. This is most prevalent in people with blue or green eyes, blonde or red hair, fair or sensitive skin. All these problems are usually resolved by gradually increasing the use of the lamp. At the first sign of skin or eye irritation, stop using the lamp and wait until the irritation disappears. Then start using the lamp 5 minutes a day, trying different distances until you establish the greatest degree of comfort. Gradually, over a 2-week period, you should be able to lengthen your exposure time while shortening the distance until you achieve the original light regimen.
Please note that some medications such as lithium, melatonin, tetracycline, St. John's Wort, and creams with retinoic acid, chloroquine and other chemotherapy drugs can make you very sensitive to light.

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