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From Dr. Rogers' November 2019 Total Wellness Newsletter (TW)

Preventing Atherosclerosis
If you haven't caught up on the last 5 years of TW (it's like reading one book), now would be the time to do it. For example, the crystal ball test of soft plaque that is not calcified, but that could rupture at any moment and kill you, is the LpPLA2. But Kyolic Liquid has slowed this down considerably. And if that were not great enough, it also slows down progression of calcifications on the coronary scans. And if your D-dimer is elevated, a sign of unsuspected clotting, the Nattokinase NSK-SD, plus Niacin Time and 2 Tocotrienols are crucial. And don't forget that Vitamin K2 helps calcium from depositing on arterial walls. There are additional advantages from your 5 Powders and Molecular Hydrogen, etc. How well you get depends on how much you read.

Isn't your life worth your investing in time to learn? For clearly your health depends upon your knowledge, not your cardiologist's. Start with Is Your Cardiologist Killing You? For when you go to the cardiologist, we know exactly what he's going to prescribe. He is extremely predictable in his guidelines with basically 8 categories of drugs and 4 procedures. There is no looking for the causes and cures that you have learned in 3 decades of TW. I have yet to see a cardiologist's chart where he prescribes a therapeutic level of vitamin D. Yet it is absolutely crucial for preventing and curing every cardiac condition.

Keeping Depression Away
Intestines make 90% of the "happy hormones". So, poisoning the brain with Prozac or Lexapro is pretty stupid. Especially when sometimes something as simple as 5-HTP (1-2 caps 1-2 times/day dissolved under the tongue) might be the easy solution, until you get rid of GMO foods like corn and soy, and keep the causative weed killer at a minimum with more organic grains and proteins. For as you recall, the gut makes the happy hormone serotonin from its precursor amino acid tryptophan. But it can do this only if it is not poisoned by Roundup (weedkiller), which is in most of our foods. So check this year's TW on negating that. As well, depression can result from interference fields created by surgical scars, implants (dental or joint or mesh), old injuries, and more which can short-circuit healing electrons trying to get to the damaged area.

The Antioxidant Zinc
Zinc not only protects metals from rusting (oxidation or loss of electrons), but zinc also protects your body. And that is not all it does. So, this month we're going to look at some of the other roles of zinc. For zinc deficiency is a perfect example of how the deficiency of just one mineral can mimic many diverse conditions, and eventually ruin your life. And since the chance of anyone figuring it out in drugfocused medicine is remote, you must do it.

Since zinc is in over 300 enzymes, don't panic. I'm not going to give them all. But let's look at some of the showstoppers. First of all, as you learned in previous TW, an elevated quinolinate is a sign of brain deterioration long before you have any symptoms (TW 2014- 2018). The good news is that (1) quinolinate is totally reversible with Vitamin B6. But B6 does not work until it is converted to P5P, the active form. Zinc is in the enzyme that does this. That's why until folks correct their zinc often-times they will need P5P to normalize brain function. Also, on that test (the Cardio/ION) is another great indicator of whether or not you even have enough zinc. Regardless of whether or not your RBC zinc level looks "normal", the ratio of betacarotene to vitamin A shows if you need more than the average person. Why? Because (2) beta-carotene is converted to vitamin A, but only if you have enough zinc in that enzyme.

Where do you get zinc? Meats, eggs and cheeses have the highest amounts. That's why often vegetarians are lacking. First of all, though you definitely want to get your RBC zinc measured (and you must see the lab and you must direct the doctor not to order serum or plasma forms). Once you see the lab report you want to be sure that you are in the top half of normal. In other words, if normal on a lab is 4-6, you want to be 5 or higher. Folks in the lower half of normal are not normal; in recent research they are the proven sick folks. Start with the regular 15 mg of Chelated Zinc a day and increase as indicated by measuring. For remember the more zinc you take, the more you lower other minerals like Chelated Molybdenum (crucial for sulfation enzymes that boost detoxification, 2018 TW), Chelated Manganese (crucial in the mitochondrial SOD for detoxification), Chelated Chromium (crucial in diabetes, blood pressure, protection against endothelial dysfunction, plaque), vanadium (an insulin mimic), and especially Chelated Copper (cytoplasmic detox SOD, etc.).

Copper, in over 100 enzymes, is especially critical for cytochrome C oxidase. This is made by the mitochondria to create the energy for healing. Remember from past TW that the Lumen doesn't work in folks who are copper deficient. For since the Lumen frequency turns on the enzyme cytochrome C oxidase to accelerate healing of joints, without sufficient copper, the device and enzyme cannot work. Likewise, as we evidenced in previous TW, if you take the wrong forms of copper such as the sulfate (which is in popular vitamins like Centrum ®), you can actually create Alzheimer's. But good copper as in Chelated Copper is needed to stop Alzheimer's. When you think your brain is worth it, you will catch up on previous TW.

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