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Res-Q Natural Supplements A Leader in the Omega-3 Industry for 30 Years
Submitted by Res-Q Natural Supplements

Tim Shields, the founder of Res-Q Natural Supplements, was a 5-year-old-child when his father died of a heart attack. Tim was scared his three young children would suffer the same fate when he learned at the age of 32 that his own heart was a ticking time bomb.

On a quest to lower his cholesterol, Shields, a Ph.D. level nutritionist, started tinkering with a Norwegian omega-3 formula in order to pack it full of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)—the fatty acids directly linked to heart health benefits. When he hit upon the formula that provided maximum health benefits for the best price, the Res-Q brand was born. This was back in 1985, making Res-Q one of the oldest suppliers of omega-3 supplements.

At that time, Shields made superior quality and value part of his company's mission statement. And the company still strives to uphold this mission today. One of the ways Res-Q does this is by ensuring all of the Res-Q omega-3 products have more EPA and DHA than other leading brands. This is important because EPA and DHA are the two omega-3 fatty acids clinically shown to support total body wellness and the dosage is directly related to health benefits.

Res-Q 1250 Fish Oil
Res-Q 1250 Fish Oil is the flagship and most popular omega-3 made by Res-Q. This fish oil contains almost 700 milligrams of EPA and DHA in each capsule, which is significantly higher than most other brands. High in these essential fatty acids, Res-Q 1250 offers health benefits for your entire body— most notably the EPA is essential for heart and joint health and the DHA is essential for brain health.*

Here is what loyal customers have to say about Res-Q 1250:

"I've been taking Res-Q 1250 for at least 15 years and it is the best product, best value, and best price. Just read the label and compare for yourself. I have turned all my friends and relatives onto it, including a cousin who is a retired doctor who writes health-related books. This is the only product that he has mentioned by name in his books! Why? BECAUSE IT WORKS! Thank you, Res-Q 1250!" ~Gracie

"I've tried other brands of omega-3s, but Res-Q has the highest amounts of EPA and DHA and I don't burp up stinky fish, like the other brands. I've been taking Res-Q 1250 for about 7 years now. I'm on my feet all day and couldn't tolerate the knee pain if I didn't take it. This is a great product—I know, I've tried a lot of the other brands, but I always came back to Res-Q." ~Paul

Res-Q Calamarine® DHA Omega-3
Another popular Res-Q omega-3 product is Res-Q Calamarine®. It contains 500 milligrams of ultrarefined DHA and 125 milligrams of EPA in each capsule. DHA is an essential component of the eyes' photo receptors and the brain's cell membranes, so Res-Q Calamarine® works to provide extra support for eye and brain health as well as child development.* This unique omega-3 supplement is derived from the trimmings of food-grade calamari that would normally go to waste. The calamari is harvested from one of the world's largest populations of calamari using eco-friendly, oceansafe fishing practices. People looking for a high-DHA omega-3 derived from a sustainable source may prefer this option.

Res-Q O3 MAX Omega-3 Liquid
A nice omega-3 alternative to capsules is Res-Q's O3 MAX Omega-3 Liquid. It may be the most convenient omega-3 supplement offered by the company—one and a half teaspoons a day is all you need to get your daily amount of EPA and DHA. This product undergoes a process to concentrate or increase the amount of EPA and DHA, then goes through another process to create an oil identical to the chemical structure to those found in nature—but with higher concentrations of EPA and DHA. The human body is able to more easily absorb and process this natural chemical form. That's why people who choose Res-Q O3 MAX can expect to feel the difference faster!

Res-Q Difference
The source for all Res-Q omega-3s comes from clean, open waters and fisheries that meet strict environmental standards. All of the Res-Q omega-3 fish and marine oils are Friend of the Sea Certified. Processing happens in a state-of-the-art facility in Norway and that is important because Norwegian facilities are known to be more advanced. Res- Q's Norwegian partners also exceed current Good Manufacturing Practices.

By using advanced technology, Res-Q can provide omega-3 fish oils with different concentrations of EPA and DHA, including omega-3s in triglyceride, ethyl ester, and re-esterified triglyceride forms. Res-Q gives consumers options so they may choose the form that works best for them. While every form may be different, all of the Res-Q omega-3 products offer the same long-term health benefits.

Res-Q uses third-party laboratories to test their omega-3 products, ensuring purity and potency. Potency testing is performed by Eurofins, a worldwide leader in the analytical field; purity testing is done by Scientific Analysis Laboratories. All of the company's fish and marine oil is tested and certified to be free of hundreds of environmental toxins, including heavy metals often associated with fish oil. Plus, all of the omega-3s made by Res-Q are guaranteed to be fresh with no fishy smell, taste, or aftertaste. Res-Q products satisfy even the most selective consumer's demands for quality, safety, and effectiveness.

If Tim Shields could see his children now, he would no doubt be proud! Today, more than 30 years later, his children carry on his legacy through the family-owned Res-Q brand and more importantly, he lived to watch them grow up.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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