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New Research: 4-Part Whole Body Detoxification
Part 1 : Roundup
Roundup is a commonly used herbicide that contains the active chemical glycophosphate. It is used for commercial agriculture and for getting rid of weeds in lawns and gardens at family's homes. GMO grains, fruits, and vegetables were developed to be "Roundup Ready", making them resistant to high doses of Roundup used for high yielding crops.

Many authorities claim Roundup is "safe and non-toxic to animals", leading the public to feel comfortable using it in abundance. But in fact, multiple studies have shown that it is not safe, can be carcinogenic, cause birth defects, and has a serious impact on the endocrine system.

In this study, scientists first tested different doses of Roundup to determine what level might disrupt the endocrine system. They found that the lowest dose tested had an effect, so they used that amount to measure the affects on the endocrine system.

The study was done on rats because it is unethical to do a study which poisons humans. The results concluded that Roundup was shown to be an "endocrine disruptor". An endocrine disruptor is defined as a chemical that negatively affects hormone production or activity. This means it can impact estrogen, testosterone, cortisol, thyroid hormone, and more. Many of the phthalates (plastics), PCBs, DDT, and pesticides commonly used in daily life are also known endocrine disruptors.

Many other studies have shown that Roundup lowers testosterone and impacts fertility. Therefore, the focus of this study was to identify its effect on adrenal hormones in rats. What they found is that Roundup lowers the synthesis and release of ACTH from the pituitary. ACTH is an important adrenal "precursor" hormone, meaning it signals the adrenals to produce cortisol (in humans), or corticosterone (the mouse version of cortisol). ACTH also effects "cAMP", a messenger that regulates other hormones, such as adrenaline.

Low ACTH equates to a lower output of the hormones than it signals. The study helped researchers understand that Roundup doesn't impact the production of adrenal hormones directly, but through the precursor ACTH. This study also found that Roundup lowers testosterone levels in rats, as confirmed in previous studies.

Researchers concluded "the finding that Roundup treatment down regulates endogenous (made by the body) ACTH is similar to the condition known as adrenal fatigue in humans. This condition manifests as anorexia, sweating, anxiety, heart palpitations, and weight loss. Chronic adrenal insufficiency could be fatal, if untreated. A progressive increase in its prevalence has been observed in humans, while very few studies relating to chemical exposure and adrenal insufficiency development have been reported. The present study describes one of the possible mechanisms of adrenal insufficiency due to roundup and suggests more systematic studies to investigate the area further."

In other words, these astute scientists recognize that the rate of adrenal fatigue has been increasing, that it may be due to chemicals such as Roundup and more research is needed. If your adrenals need support, it's important to minimize chemical exposure as much as possible. In addition, you can use herbs such as ashwagandha, eleuthero, and astragalus to support adrenal function, improve resistance to stress, and enhance energy.

Toxicology Reports 2. (2015). 1075–1085.

Part 2: Adaptogens Adaptogens:

Support for Optimal Adrenal Function The adrenal glands are part of the endocrine system, a complex system of organs that controls our mood, energy level, metabolism, and more. The adrenals make cortisol in response to stress and can become imbalanced in the case of long term stress. Adrenals influence the thyroid, among other glands, so if the thyroid needs support it often indicates that the adrenals need attention as well.

What are Adaptogenic Herbs?
Adaptogenic herbs provide gentle support to your adrenals and enhance the body's ability to adapt to occasional mental, physical, and metabolic stress.

Benefits of Adaptogens:
• Supports adrenals that have been overstimulated by long term stress
• Promotes mental clarity and sharpness
• Preserves energy, vitality, and physical stamina
• Indirectly supports thyroid function

WTSmed offers pure and potent herbal concentrates that support healthy thyroid and adrenal function. WTSmed supplements are formulated by physicians using science-backed herbs. They are full-spectrum botanical extracts made from herbs that are primarily certified organic or wild-crafted.

Part 3: Dr. Sherry Rogers Detox Cocktail
"The #1 reason why hormones take a nosedive is that most of the xenobiotics (foreign chemicals) that we are all exposed to (over 8,000) and that we have residing in our bodies that create chronic diseases, are EEDs. In other words, the phthalates (plastics), Teflon (PFOA), fire retardants (PBDE), pesticides, heavy metals, volatile organic hydrocarbons, etc. are what we call environmental endocrine disruptors or EEDs. They make a beeline for our glands and make them perform abnormally and even create cancers in them. In fact that's how the phthalates first got discovered because researchers found that cultures of abnormal breast cells were growing wildly."

Dr. Sherry Rogers, Total Wellness Newsletter, November 2016

The Detox Cocktail protects the body in a wide range of ways. It revs up detoxification of environmental chemicals, cleanses the gut, protects our genes, and boosts immune cells. You can take these nutrients individually, or as an easy alternative, use the Daily Detox Drink by Happy Bodies. Be sure to drink plenty of water when detoxing!

Here are the individual ingredients to create your own detox cocktail:
*1000 mg of Vitamin C
*300-600 mg Lipoic Acid
*400-800 mg Glutathione

Part 4: Sauna
Sweating is one of the many effective ways our bodies eliminate toxins. A standard, high-temperature sauna efficiently induces sweating, but can have drawbacks; as some people cannot tolerate the excessive heat or have a difficult time sweating because of illness. A far-infrared (FIR) sauna has the great advantage of using a heat source that penetrates tissues much more deeply, which releases toxins and eliminates them via sweat. The overall effect does not feel as hot as a regular sauna, making it much more tolerable. The FIR sauna can help the body eliminate pesticides, heavy metals, and other toxins when used regularly. Just be sure to follow a protocol for replenishing minerals and supporting the liver as it metabolizes the additional load of circulating toxins.

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