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Why Candida Wins and How you Can Beat it
Dr. Jen Morganti, NEEDS Education Director

If you have an ongoing struggle with candida, you may have periods when it seems to subside, so you feel comfortable letting down your guard. Then bam! Before you know it, it's back in action. Don't blame yourself for the recurrence—it wasn't due to a sneak piece of chocolate or that half-glass of wine with dinner. The truth is that the fungus candida is one of the many pathogens that evolves and is eventually able to create its own coat of armor to protect itself. This armor is known as a "biofilm," which encapsulates the cell with a protective polysaccharide matrix.

Biofilms explain why you think you are beating candida early in the game, but then start to feel that everything you throw at it loses effectiveness. That's because biofilms develop and strengthen over time, as a reaction to your offensives. Once this coating develops, it's difficult to penetrate with herbal, nutritional, or pharmaceutical assaults. Over time, candida becomes resistant to all treatments, becoming a major source of your frustration.

Knowing that candida has its own powerful defense system, how can you ever win the battle? Don't give up; fortunately, there are several types of natural ingredients that target and penetrate the armor. When these ingredients break down the protective matrix, the candida becomes vulnerable to other antifungals which ultimately destroy the exposed candida.

InterFase from Klaire Labs (Not available online, call to talk with customer service to order) is an enzyme formula that is targeted to break down the biofilm wall. You can have extra confidence in this particular formula because it's been tested in a lab and shown to have "anti-biofilm activity, resulting in meaningful degradation of biofilm communities" in different bacteria and candida. InterFase Plus also contains EDTA, which binds metals (calcium, iron, and magnesium) which are necessary for biofilm formation and integrity.

A variety of probiotics have always been an essential component for preventing candida overgrowth (by crowding it out of the GI flora). But be sure to include the probiotic Saccharomyces boulardii to degrade biofilm. S. boulardii specifically prevents candida growth and biofilm formation. It's actually a probiotic, nonpathogenic yeast, which secretes capric acid and limits adhesion and virulence. It's not enough on its own though, so also include large quantities of a variety of strains of lactobacillus and other beneficial bacteria to prevent the growth of pathogenic (or "bad") bacteria and to support GI health for the long run.

Adding anti-biofilm agents to a stalled anti-candida program may be just the ticket to moving forward. Take it slow and steady because a fast die-off can cause an unpleasant Herxheimer reaction. Be sure to prevent constipation by getting plenty of fluids and fiber during a candida program. If you have any questions, please call NEEDS wellness educators at 800.634.1380 for a complimentary wellness consult.

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