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Jumpstart Your New Year with the Daily Detox Drink

If you are among the many who have vowed to start off 2015 on a healthy note, you may want to kickstart it with a detoxification program. You can customize your detox to what fits in your lifestyle, but the general parameters should be that you commit to eating healthy foods (vegetables, fruit, whole grains, vegetable protein) and eliminate toxins (including alcohol, smoking, food additives) for a week or so. You also want to take nutrients that support your liver, which has the role of making enzymes that break down toxins and send them out the door.

One easy nutritional supplement is the Daily Detox Drink, inspired by the Detox Cocktail recommended by Dr. Sherry Rogers, MD, in her books Detoxify or Die and The High Blood Pressure Hoax. The Daily Detox is a blend of Vitamin C, R- Lipoic Acid, and Reduced Glutathione, all in powder form for your convenience. You can also buy those ingredients separately in pill form by different manufacturers, but Daily Detox is the only premixed Detox Cocktail available.

Dr. Rogers has featured the Daily Detox Drink in her newsletters; in her book, Is Your Cardiologist Killing You?, she states, "Vitamin C, lipoic acid, and glutathione are a powerful combo that jump-start detoxification, plus, healing cardiovascular diseases depend on these nutrients. What better time to do it than before bed when your body will be in its healing phase and repair mode?"

Rogers continues, "Although our detox cocktail's ingredients are spelled out in higher doses and with more additions, there is a super easy starter (and better tasting!). The Daily Detox Drink comes in easy travel packets or as a bulk powder to mix any time with purified water. It is incredibly easy and great for beginners."

She lists some of the reasons to take the Detox Cocktail, including:
• Improving symptoms related to sick building syndrome
• Improving your immune system
• Treating Traveler's Diarrhea
• Limiting migraines
• Protecting organs and skin from premature aging

We never really get a break from toxins in our air, water, and food, so Dr. Rogers emphasizes the importance of taking the Detox Cocktail every day, not just during your detox program. If you have any questions on getting started with your detox for the New Year, please call one of our wellness educators at 800.634.1380.

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