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3 Common Behaviors that Weaken Your Immune System

Did you know the fastest ways to compromise your immune system and make yourself sick are :
• Sleep less than eight hours a night, especially on a regular basis
• Feel pressured to overload your schedule and feel stressed out
• Eat too many cookies, candy, and junk food and very few vegetables

Sounds like the typical holiday season between November and January, right? The fun that comes with the holidays is wrought with events that damage our health. Compromising the immune system is a sure ticket to catching whatever cold or flu that is being passed around at the moment. And the timing couldn't be worse, because we all find it hard to back out of the social obligations that come with the season, so we continue to worsen the stress.

It's smart to bolster your ability to stay healthy through the season with just a little help from immune support supplements. Some of the products to the right help support the immune system directly, and some help with the cold/flu symptoms to shorten the duration if you do get sick. Some of the immune support products should be taken consistently throughout the entire winter season, and others are designed to be used just when you start to feel initial symptoms. It's good to have these on hand so you can start them the second you need them, since that ensures a better success rate.

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