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Recommended by Dr. Sherry Rogers From Dr. Rogers' September 2013 Total Wellness Newsletter

The Fosamax Folly Becomes More Indefensible
"Do you know how many millions of people are on Fosamax, Boniva, or any of the other bisphosphonates (IV Reclast) in attempt to treat, reverse, or prevent osteoporosis? The scary [part] is that most of them have never had guidance in taking the nutrients that do a better job than these expensive medications, which only improve bone in the first few years. After that, these presumed bone builders actually increase your fracture risk. In fact, it is a well-known fact that Fosamax can rot out the jawbone so severely that all the teeth are lost. This has happended in folks in their 50s who previously had healthy teeth. And to top it off others have been prescribed hormone replacement therapies as well, which not only also fail to correct osteoporosis, but trigger heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer's, as we referenced in the past.

….If you are on any of these medications for osteoporosis, menopausal hormones, coumadin for atrial fibrillation, etc, or are wresting with spiraling arteriosclerosis, coranary artery disease, or dental issues, start one of Vitamin K2, and 10,000 IU Super D, plus two twice a day of Nutra Support Joint, and two big squirts of BioSil and get your Bone Resorption Test while you study the latest book, How to Cure Diabetes. For the many important balancing nutrients for bone building are spelled out for you. As well, you can learn how to find the underlying cause of your condition (regardless of your medical label!) at the same time."

Books You Need to Read
"One of my admired colleagues presented the case of a hairdresser who became depressed and emotionally unstable and had many other symptoms. But when she had a history and physical there were "no abnormalities". Why? Because physicians rarely question about your community and its toxins, your home and pesticide habits, hobbies, occupation, personal grooming and other habits, diet, and most of all the possible side effects of any of your drugs, all of which affect the mind. She was fine once the causes, her hairdressing chemicals, were rectified (guidelines in our first book on environmental illness, The E.I. Syndrome). Her brain problems were from what she put on her head, not what she put in it.

Every prescription has the capability of bringing on the side effects of depression or any other symptom of mind and mood, regardless of what it was designed to treat. And it may not come on for months or years after the drug has been started, so that makes it even less suspect. Before you delve into Depression Cured at Last, to begin to find the causes and cures of depression, schizophrenia, mood swings, insomnia, memory loss, or any other symptom of the brain, always first consider any medications that you're on. And then next simply repair the crain nerve cell chemistry as described in How to Cure Diabetes, and that may be all you'll need."