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Detoxification Protocol for Post Mercury Dental Amalgam Removal

Dear Wellness Team:
I just finished having 15 mercury dental amalgams removed (by a biological dentist) and am feeling quite ill from the after effects. What is the best detox program to help a severely chemically sensitive person recover? (I already eat healthy and am taking greens, turmeric, and a liquid chelating fulvic acid product).

Evelyn Morris Hecht
Chapel Hill, NC

Christine's Answer:
Thanks for writing. This is such an important issue! During and after amalgam removal, it is crucial to provide the body with the cofactors and building blocks necessary to regulate the detoxification and remineralization processes. A high-potency, hypoallergenic supplement that provides these nutrients can help the body manage the elimination more efficiently and with less side effects. This is necessary for everyone, but especially for chemically-sensitive individuals. Detoxication Factors provides vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other elements that support balanced phase I and phase II detox pathways. And if you were not already taking an oral chelator, we would also recommend Metal-X-Synergy, which is a comprehensive product providing PectaSol, alginates, cilantro, chlorella, NAC, garlic, lipoic acid, fulvic acid, and glutathione. This can be used for two to four weeks during and after amalgam removal. As with any detoxification program, be sure you drink plenty of water and eliminate daily to flush out all the toxins and minimize the reaction.

Be Healthy,
Christine Carlson, CN
NEEDS Wellness Educator

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