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Teleseminar Speaker "How to Corona-Proof Your Life Follow Up" with Dr. Sherry Rogers.
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Dr. Rogers from March 2013 Total Wellness

"Just because you are dying for a splurge doesn't mean you have to die from it. For decades, scientists have known that a single high-fat meal causes short-term enhancement of platelet activity. In other words, it makes the blood eager to clot. This is in part what causes the "café coronary syndrome" where people suddenly die of a heart attack after a great meal in a restaurant. Since most of us are not perfect and we like to indulge periodically, remember that many nutrients can inhibit or turn off this postprandial platelet hyperactivity. As you have learned in previous Total Wellness, doses of antioxidants like vitamins C and vitamins E or amino acids like taurine or carnitine contribute to turning off this exaggerated clotting response triggered by a high-fat meal that leads to a massive heart attack. So why are doctors not telling folks to take these nutrients after an indulgence?

After a night on the town, at least come home and take your Detox Cocktail along with 1-2 E Gems Elite, 2 Tocotrienols, and 1000 mg each of ALC Powder, Arginine Powder, and HB-Mag."

" To quote from Albert's paper 'As compared with men with levels of long-chain n-3 (omega-3) fatty acids in the lowest quartile, those with levels in the highest quartile had an 81% lower risk of sudden death'. Wow! Just being in the top half of normal with one nutrient cuts your risk of death 81%! Yet medicine doesn't beat this into folks' heads so they can make more healthful choices? Unbelievable. How much more proof do they need? And do we have to read their papers from their journals to our doctor? Why are they up on this? And second, don't think that cod liver oil is the answer to everything. Even though you must have the right ratios, you still need the compilation of all the rest of the knowledge that we have been feeding you over the last two decades."