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The Benefits of Essential Eating sprouted flour
by Janie Quinn

Vegetables are the easiest-to-digest foods because they are broken down by vegetable enzymes, not pancreatic enzymes which are less abundant in most people's digestive systems. Amazingly, when whole grains are sprouted properly, they are converted into plants and the nutrients are unlocked so your body can digest whole grains the same as vegetables, not dried seeds. The body digests sprouted grains the same as vegetables, not as starches, and the nutrients are in a form the body can utilize. Not to mention that sprouting removes the bitter taste associated with whole grains. How cool is that?

Over 100 years ago, most of the flour consumed in America was sprouted due to the fact that the grain was harvested by hand and stored in bundles in the field where it would sprout naturally from the moisture and heat in the atmosphere before being milled. Manufacturing changed this process, particularly with the invention of temperature-controlled silos that prevented sprouting.

Today, sprouting is back! Essential Eating Sprouted Foods has developed a quality-controlled process to mirror nature's balance of moisture and heat to sprout whole grains, capture them at their peak, and mill them into nutritious flour that tastes great. This is an easy way to get real nutrition into your diet.

Why choose Essential Eating's new line of products made with Essential Eating Sprouted Flour over other manufacturers' sprouted products? These first-of-a-kind, certified-organic products have 100% whole grain fiber, are higher in protein, heart-healthy, kosher, diabetic-friendly, vegan, and are naturally free of cholesterol, lactose, added sugars, and trans fats. NO GMOs, irradiation chemicals, additives, flavorings, colorings, or enrichments. Just real food! Now you can enjoy sprouted flour pastas, (spaghetti, elbows, linguini, and penne), cereals, and Pretzel Puffs that have the benefit of whole grains but digest as veggies with amazing flavor! Try them today. You're worth it!