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Dr. Rogers from February 2013 Total Wellness
Sherry A. Rogers, M.D.

Sleep Better with Somniphan
"In a study of 100 children with sleep problems, over 80% benefitted from melatonin, which proved effective, inexpensive, and safe. Somniphan contains three sleep–promoting ingredients, 300 mg L-tryptophan, 200 mg of GABA, and 2 mg of melatonin. One or two at night may be enough to promote a restful sleep for anyone."

Licorice Root, not Proton Pump Inhibitors
"…let's look again at omeprazole (or Nexium, Prilosec) and other proton pump inhibitors that are often prescribed in the hospital and forever afterwards to help quell the stomach irritation from so many drugs. They work by poisoning the stomach from making acid. But this acid is needed to metabolize foods and nutrients needed for healing and for fighting off bad bugs. So no wonder being on Prilosec in the hospital increased your chance of getting pneumonia by 30%! For starters try Licorice Root-V, then see No More Heartburn."

Don't Miss a Critical Part of Vitamin E: Tocotrienols
"Tocotrienols (part of real Vitamin E) do all the good that statins do without the bad. As you learned in The Cholesterol Hoax, they also regulate cholesterol production, but without poisoning the gene or creating the multiple deficiencies that lead to cancer and Alzheimer's. Tocotrienols are a part of real vitamin E. But if a product merely says "Vitamin E," this contains no tocotrienols. It is only one of eight parts of real vitamin E or synthetic (meaning it does not fit into God's molecular biochemistry and actually counteracts any real vitamin E from foods). This is the type used in most studies that denigrate vitamin E and in cheap grocery store vitamins, like Centrum (we cited the study proving Centrum doesn't work last year). Cheap synthetic "vitamin E" doesn't work because it shouldn't. It in no way is related to God's natural eight-part vitamin E (begin with two E Gems Elite and two Tocotrienols, and one Natural Gamma E daily)."

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