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Teleseminar Speaker "How to Corona-Proof Your Life Follow Up" with Dr. Sherry Rogers.
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Dr. Rogers from January 2013 Total Wellness

Emergency Repair after a Heart Attack: Heart Repair Cocktail
"How do you make the 5-powder Heart Repair Cocktail? It should include a minimum 2,000-3,000 mg Arginine Powder, 3,000 mg of D-Ribose Powder, 1,000 mg of Acetyl L Carnitine Powder, 1,000 mg of Glycine Powder, and 1,000 mg Taurine Powder. The doses can be adjusted and even assayed by your knowledgeable practitioner. But when you have a heart attack, healing the heart muscle takes more than just these amino acids. In our March issue of Total Wellness, we will attack the Mitochondrial Repair Cocktail, just as crucial for healing after a heart attack as well as preventing a heart attack."

Finding Hormone Balance
"The next way to change the ratio of estrogens is with two each twice a day of IndolPlex and Calcium D-Glucarate. IndolPlex duplicates some of the brassica chemistry while Calcium D-Glucarate stops the gut reversal of the detoxification process, glucuronidation. Translation? It makes sure that the major detoxification pathway for these estrogens performs optimally and is not inhibited by other bowel factors. Don't forget glucuronidation is not only extremely important in protecting against the bad estrogen, but two other factors in our modern world make it even more crucial: 1) most environmental chemicals are EEDs or environmental endocrine disruptors. In other words, they mimic the actions of the bad estrogens. 2) Our daily onslaught of the number-one pollutant in the human body, the phthalates or plasticizers, use up or deplete the glucuronidation detoxification pathways big-time…There is much more that you need to know in the latest book, How to Cure Diabetes (you have learned to ignore the titles, as I never leave anyone out)."

Read our book review on How to Cure Diabetes.

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