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Dr. Rogers from December 2012 Total Wellness

FDA warns on statin label drugs: labels on popular cholesterol medicines may cite risk of diabetes, memory loss…
"This [statin] drug category is extremely dangerous since it lowers CoQ10 which leads to premature heart attacks, depression, congestive heart failure, and much more. And it lowers selenium which raises risk of cancer, elevated PSA, and damages the thyroid. And it lowers vitamin E which raises your risk of cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's, cancers, strokes, etc. There just is not a knowledgeable person who would take this drug category. Oh and don't forget the least known common side effect, sudden amnesia. Yet many pilots, surgeons, and air traffic controllers are on it!

And then of course, the most telling fact was that most people can normalize their lipids by correcting their biochemistry and/or getting rid of the toxins that created it to begin with. Sometimes cure can be as simple as a few nutrients known to normalize cholesterol, for example, Tocotrienols or Magnesium or Niacin-Time or Solar D Gems or Phosphatidyl Choline powder (doses and sources plus harmonizing nutrients are in the book.)

If you do have high cholesterol, make sure you cure it, since you sure don't want diabetes, brain loss, cancers, and the other symptoms that statin cholesterol-lowering drugs invariably bring on."

Curing Post-Partum Depression
"Pregnancy depletes a woman of many nutrients because the body wisdom gives to the fetus first. After all, mom has a much better chance of figuring out what she needs than the unborn child does. Sometimes it's exceedingly simple and easy like B6 or its metabolite P5P. Once that deficiency is corrected, she's able to make the neurotransmitters of the happy mood again. Birth control pills and lots of medications as well as pregnancy itself lower B6. And if there is a Zinc deficiency as well, then she can't convert B6 to P5P.

And as you learned in the October issue this year, the fatty acid ratio in the brain is extremely crucial for the ability to create the neurotransmitters of the happy mood. In fact , researchers know you can often prevent post-partum depression by making sure women have enough cod liver oil before they get pregnant. And as we've shown before , this also makes sure that the brain of the fetus is much healthier. And remember, just as important as getting the good oils in is to avoid eating the bad trans fatty acids or hydrogenated oils. And as you see, not only can they make her depressed, but a mother foolishly eating these during pregnancy can create a child saddled in adult life, with obesity, insulin resistance, allergies, low IQ, and other diseases that won't budge (until somebody fixes his chemistry!). "

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