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Do You Know How to Detox?

After the merriment and indulgences of the holidays, many people feel compelled to start off the New Year with a detox program. There are many ways to go about this, ranging from a gentle detox to one that is considered "heavy-duty." Below are some suggestions on tried-and-true detox methods that you may want to try individually or combined; for more personal guidance, consider a complimentary consultation with a NEEDS wellness educator.

1. Far Infrared Sauna
Sweating is one of the many effective ways our body eliminates toxins. A standard, high-temperature sauna efficiently induces sweating, but can have drawbacks; as some people cannot tolerate the excessive heat or have a difficult time sweating because of illness. A far-infrared (FIR) sauna has the great advantage of using a heat source that penetrates tissues much more deeply, which releases toxins and eliminates them via sweat. The overall effect does not feel as hot as a regular sauna, making it much more tolerable. The FIR sauna can help the body eliminate pesticides, heavy metals, and other toxins when used regularly. Just be sure to follow a protocol for replenishing minerals and supporting the liver as it metabolizes the additional load of circulating toxins. Be sure to check out the detox cocktail that Dr. Sherry Rogers recommends to use with FIR saunas.

2. Coffee Enemas
Using brewed coffee in an enema may sound strange, but there is solid rationale for doing it this way. The caffeine causes relaxation of blood vessels and the bile duct, which helps the liver dump toxins directly into the gastrointestinal tract. This effect only occurs when the coffee is taken as an enema (not orally), and it reduces the load on the liver, which can become overwhelmed by the release of toxins from tissues during a detox program. For directions on how to do a coffee enema, ask a NEEDS wellness educator and be sure to use organic coffee!

3. Dead Sea Magic Mineral Bath Salts
A Dead Sea salt bath is rich in minerals, including magnesium, which are absorbed through the dilated pores of the skin in a hot bath. This combination of heat and minerals promotes circulation and induces sweating to aid the detox process. Magnesium supports glutathione's role in metabolizing toxins and if detoxification is ramped up over a long period, magnesium is at risk to become depleted. Magnesium also competes with heavy metals for absorption, so magnesium deficiency increases the risk of developing heavy metal overload. For those with impaired digestion, minerals are best absorbed through the skin, and a bath is a pleasant and relaxing way to do so.

Remember that if detoxing makes you feel ill, slow down the process until your body can handle it. The NEEDS Wellness Team can provide a protocol for any of the above topics upon request. And cheers to a healthy 2013!

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