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Navitas Naturals Quest for the World's Best Organic Superfoods

Navitas Naturals is making it easy for people to achieve the optimal nutrition needed to fuel a busy lifestyle. Health-conscious people choose Navitas organic superfoods including chia seeds, cacao, maca, acai, and goji berries because they're abundant sources of antioxidants, protein, essential fats, and other key nutrients – and they taste great too.

Navitas Naturals Mission
"Nutrient-rich whole foods are at their best when they are produced by organic agriculture and minimal processing," says Zach Adelman, Navitas founder. All Navitas products are certified-organic and use methods such as freeze-drying and low-temperature processing to ensure maximum nutrition and flavor.

Navitas Naturals History
The company was started in 2003 by Adelman, a longtime health food enthusiast. Almost a decade ago, he encountered the wonders of a nutritious root vegetable from the Peruvian highlands called maca, which has been cherished there by the indigenous culture for thousands of years. Zach began importing organic maca root powder as Navitas Naturals' original product. Now, nine years after his adventure to the Andes Mountains, Navitas Naturals is one of the leading organic superfoods companies in North America and maca is still one of the company's best sellers.

The robust sales it generated by maca convinced Zach that people were interested in superfoods. He became encouraged to search the planet for more functional foods that have long been used by cultures for nutritional and medicinal purposes.

In Peru, he formed an alliance with an organic, fair-trade co-op and began to import raw organic cacao products. In China, he was amazed by the native people's reverence for goji berries, and Navitas Naturals soon became one of the first non-Chinese companies to market them in the U.S. Early success importing goji and cacao inspired him to find and import other previously obscure superfoods that are now bursting onto the health food scene due to their amazing nutrition and flavor including: chia seeds (Chile and Mexico); acai (Brazil); mulberries (Turkey); goldenberries (Columbia); maqui berries (Chile); and hemp (Canada).

How to Use Navitas Naturals Superfoods
While many of their superfoods can be enjoyed right out of the bag as a snack such as goji berries and cacao nibs, the culinary use of others is less obvious. Part of the Navitas Naturals mission is to promote superfoods nutrition convenience. "We make it easy for people to add superfoods to their diet and lifestyle routine by offering hundreds of free superfoods recipes, and a bunch of helpful how-to chef videos on our website," stated Adelman.

From the beginning, Navitas Naturals has been committed to socially responsible business. Their direct purchasing partnerships expand fair trade opportunities for farmers in developing regions around the world. As an international foods company, food safety is very important to Navitas Naturals. This is demonstrated by the rigorous third-party testing of their superfoods.

Join the Smoothment!
The Smoothment is an interactive, multimedia program launched by Navitas Naturals that features simple and delicious smoothie recipes and advice from superfoods gurus. The Smoothment aims to inspire people to upgrade the nutrition of one meal or snack per day by substituting an organic superfood smoothie into their routine. Visit to learn more about Navitas Naturals' products, their mission, and the Smoothment.

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