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Four Steps for Pain Relief
(Excerpted from Pain Free in 6 Weeks)
Dr. Sherry Rogers

1. Alkalinize
"It promotes the dissociation of immune complexes, revs up detox capabilities, down-regulates inflammation, promotes healing, and more...Vitamin C Powder is a great way to alkalinize, working up gradually from 1-10 teaspoons. Once you find the dose that causes diarrhea, cut back a teaspoon to a dose that does not. That dose can be split into two doses if it is too much to take at once."

2. Reduce inflammation with enzymes
"Enzymes are triply useful in pain syndromes. 1) They dissociate antigen-antibody complexes, 2) penetrate the swelling and inflammation to bring more nutrients to the sick area, and 3) have an anti-inflammatory nature of their own, reducing the swelling and inflammation."

3. Relax with magnesium
"..strange as it may sound, within hours of taking magnesium in a liquid form, the pain of old surgery, accidents, arthritis, lumbar discs, migraine, and much more can melt away. I frequently get letters from our newsletter readers, physicians, dentists, scientists and lay people, telling me how once they decided to do a trial of magnesium, literally years of pain melted away within hours or days."

4. Infrared heat
" Thermotex Pain Relief pad has an infrared system with penetrating heat to bring increased circulation that brings nutrients to the area, fosters faster cellular debris cleanup, and encourages metabolism of lactic acid and speeds healing in general. It is especially good after the acute phase of the first two days of: muscle strain, tennis elbow, shoulder tendonitis, hip and back pain, and sports injuries."

All quotes were excerpted from Dr. Rogers' book Pain Free in 6 Weeks

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