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The Toxin-Free Answer to Healing Dry Skin
By Karen Ciesar
Trillium Herbal Company, Inc., Entrepreneur, Formulator, Mother of 3, Clean Cosmetics Activist

In the winter, the cold seems to suck all of the moisture out of the air and our skin. While proper hydration internally is a good first step, proper moisturizing is also very important to provide relief. But have you noticed that most lotions have some questionable ingredients, even when they claim to be "natural?"

Lotions are simply an emulsion (mixture) of oil and water, and a bunch of toxic chemicals. Conventional lotions can be made exclusively of water and chemicals. But the fact is that even the natural and so-called organic lotions contain some sort of preservation chemical. If they didn't, they would mold without refrigeration. The preservation chemicals that are used are generally synthetic parabens, or naturally occurring parabens, disguised as "honeysuckle extract" or phenoxyethanol, the latest synthetic preservative found in "natural" products.

Providing true moisture without additives is precisely the purpose of OG Body from Trillium Organics. By keeping the ingredients limited to those which are simple and safe, and by keeping water out of the product, we can avoid the need for synthetic chemical preservatives. The water is added when you take a warm bath or shower. Organic body polish is cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing, and protective, without drying your skin.

Organic body polish is made from crystalline salt, which is inherently antiseptic, so the skin is cleansed and refreshed naturally. The moisturizing oils are Wisconsin-grown organic sunflower and safflower oil. Organic lecithin leaves a layer of phospholipids over the top of the skin, which locks in hydration for days and keeps skin protected even in the driest of winters.

For those of you who suffer allergies to chemicals, nut oils, and the like, products by Trillium are a safe harbor; the allergens are listed on each bottle.