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The Healing Effects of Himalayan Salt Lamps
by Shannon Morehouse MA, CHHC, NEEDS Staff Writer

Salt lamps have glowing hues of orange that emit a very peaceful ambience. Beyond their beauty, Himalayan salt lamps are scientifi cally proven to improve moods and clean the air around you, making these orange beauties the perfect addition to your home or offi ce.

How do salt lamps work?

Our air contains an abundance of positive ions. Anything that is electrically charged contains positive ions; computer screens, televisions, telephones, etc. are all sources of positive ions in the air. Research shows that positive ions can cause feelings of lethargy, fatigue, and even depression. There are natural sources that increase positive ions as well, such as full moons, which accounts for the strange and aggressive behavior noted by medical services and police. Studies show that 75% of the population is noticeably and adversely affected by positive ion ratios.

Salt lamps can help bring emotional balance into our lives because they generate negative ions, which help us to feel more energized and uplifted. In fact, rock salt crystal is known as one of the most effi cient emitters of negative ions. Generally, the more negative ions you are exposed to, the better you feel!

Tobacco, dust, pet dander, and other forms of air pollution also consist of positively charged ions. By using a Himalayan salt lamp, you can counteract these positive ions with negative ions, which cleans the air around you, working wonders for those who suffer from allergies or headaches related to poor air quality.

In order to understand how negative ions can uplift your mood, think of nature's sources of negative ions: moving air in the mountains, the air after thunderstorms, crashing surf at the beach, waterfalls, and other moving bodies of water. All scenarios seem to create a feeling of peacefulness. In fact, studies conducted by Columbia University researchers suggest that negative ions can help to relieve depression.

Himalayan salt lamps wonderfully combat all of the positive ions swarming around in our indoor environs. How incredible is it that we can possibly mimic the effects of the seaside, a bubbling stream, or the "calm" after a storm, with these gorgeous lamps?

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