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Three Killer Solutions to Eradicate Candida
By The NEEDS Wellness Team

Fatigue, bloating, brain-fog, digestive distress....
The list goes on and on if you are one of the unfortunate masses battling candida overgrowth. This health issue is one of the most common concerns NEEDS Wellness Educators hear about from customers because it is such a difficult condition to treat. Of course, there are many adjunctive factors to consider when treating candida: systemic pH balance, adequate gastric secretion, dietary choices, immune system activity, antibiotic use, and hormone balance to name only a few. But after the underlying cause is discovered and addressed, a key component for beating the yeast is to find an effective candida killing supplement. With so many choices, however, which do you pick?

Below are three products we highly recommend for directly killing candida. Because they work on different elements of yeast infestation, it may be more effective to use two formulas together for a bigger punch.

Candida (yeast or fungal) cleanse products come in several formulas; some being quite strong as well as complicated to use. Fungal Defense, from Garden of Life, is an effective product for those new to a candida regimen. This product is designed for a single 15-day cycle use, before adding on a probiotic blend to maintaining gut health. This product may also be considered for long-term maintenance.

This multi-herb blend combines Syrian oregano, sweet basil, lemongrass, olive leaf extract, cinnamon bark, yucca, and garlic juice with protease and cellulase enzymes. These herbs help create an intestinal environment that is inhospitable to fungal cells, while the enzymes help break down the fungal cell residue, decreasing the toxic "die-off " reaction (i.e., headaches, fatigue, or worsening of symptoms)in the gut.

Tanalbit, from Intensive Nutrition, contains condensed plant-derived tannins, which are powerful anti-fungals. They work by binding to the surface of the yeast, thus preventing the yeast from adhering to the intestinal wall membrane and colonization (replication of the yeast), while leaving the healthy probiotic bacteria intact.

Tannates must be complexed with proteins (present in the casein) to survive the gastric environment and to prevent gastric irritation. The protein releases the tannates in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract where they can become active.

Plant tannins occur naturally in our diet, lending flavor, color, and protection to plants. Red wine grapes contain tannins that give it color and a slightly bitter or woodsy taste. The redwood tree also has tannins in its bark, protecting the tree from fungus and disease, and giving the bark its rich red color.

The tannins in Tanalbit are derived from Swedish Birch bark and extremely condensed to make them effective against GI fungus. Casein is an important ingredient in this formula because it protects the tannins in the capsule. The casein found in Tanalbit is purified, so that 90% of potential allergens are removed, therefore making it useable by those who are lactose intolerant. It also contains zinc, which acts as an activator of the complex of tannates, as well as lotus rhizome extract and l-proline.

Candex, from Pure Essence Labs, contains plantbased fiber digesting enzymes (cellulase and hemicellulase) that work by digesting the cell wall of the candida, which is comprised primarily of fiber. When the cell wall breaks down, the yeast dies. Candida cannot build immunity to the actions of these enzymes, as with some anti-fungal products. Because of the method of action, there tends to be very little risk of a "die-off " reaction.

Candex is unique because it does not contain protease, the enzyme which breaks down protein. It is believed that proteases may be detrimental to probiotics, the naturally occurring healthy bacteria in the gut. Instead, supplementation with probiotics is needed to prevent the overgrowth of the candida and balance the GI tract. Candex should be taken on an empty stomach so the enzyme activity is used to kill the candida rather than digest food in the stomach. It is quite safe for children to take. Be sure to follow dosage directions provided in the NEEDS candida protocol, which may be requested from NEEDS Customer Service Representatives.

By taking the guess work out of what products best support a Candida cleanse, you can better focus your attention on healing.

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