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Effective Treatment for Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, and Muscle Pain
by Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Fibromyalgia (FM), currently estimated to affect three to six million Americans, are two illnesses which often co exist. Symptoms of disrupted sleep, subclinical hormonal deficiencies, muscle pain, fatigue, and immunologic changes are commonly reported in these overlapping syndromes.

Both CFS and FM are thought to be conditions related to a malfunctioning hypothalamus— the center in the brain that regulates internal body functions. As the body's "fuse box," the hypothalamus is responsible for regulating sleep, hormones, temperature, blood flow, blood pressure, and sweat production. When there is overwhelming stress on the body, such as an infection or injury related to CFS and FM, the hypothalamus quite literally "blows a fuse," breaking its circuit to some or all of these functions, just as a house loses electricity.

This broken circuit also disrupts energy flow to the muscles, resulting in pain. When deprived of cellular energy (ATP), muscles get stuck in their shortened position. This hypothalamic dysfunction and energy disruption may result in symptoms associated with CFS and FM.

Our study, "Effective Treatment of CFS and Fibromyalgia," examined the effects of several therapeutic approaches on hypothalamic function. Results showed that over 90% of patients improved with treatment (p<.0001 vs. placebo), with a 90% average improvement in quality of life. In fact, many patients after treatment could no longer formally be diagnosed with CFS or FM! In support of our work, an editorial in The Journal of the American Academy of Pain Management wrote, "the comprehensive and aggressive metabolic approach to treatment detailed in the Teitelbaum study are all highly successful approaches and make fibromyalgia a very treatment-responsive disorder."

From the study, a program was devised to address five main disorders commonly associated with CFS/FM. Called the SHINE Protocol, the program directs focus to the following health issues and their roles in treating CFS/FM:

S = SLEEP: Get adequate sleep, preferably eight to nine hours a night. Sleep replenishes the body's energy and heals its muscles. Inadequate sleep will leave you exhausted and in pain.

H = HORMONES: Get tested and treated for hormone deficiency, if needed. Hormone deficiencies can contribute to CFS/FM.

I = INFECTIONS: Get treatment when symptoms of infections occur. The lack of restorative sleep in CFS/FM leads to dysfunctional immune systems. Underlying viral, bacterial, bowel, sinus, and yeast infections are common and can be a contributing cause or result of CFS/FM.

N = NUTRITONAL SUPPLEMENTS: Optimal nutritional supplementation is essential. Many nutrients can be depleted as a result of CFS/FM. B-12, magnesium, acetyl-l-carnitine, and glutathione, as well as your basic A, B, C and D vitamins need to be supplemented at a level that your average over-the-counter multivitamin cannot provide.

E = EXERCISE: Exercise as able. After 10 weeks on the 4 steps above, you will be able to slowly increase your exercise—without being wiped out the next day!

To help with deficiencies, which are common and span the nutritional spectrum in these syndromes, supplementing with d-ribose has proved itself essential to their treatment and beneficial for those who want a powerful energy boost. Corvalen or D-Ribose by Bioenergy Life Science is a special sugar that is even OK for those who need to avoid sugar. For those familiar with biochemistry, you may remember ribose as the key building block for making energy in addition to making DNA and RNA. To properly supplement and support your body's uptake of ribose would be similar to printing your own energy currency!

Results from our research center on Corvalen were so impressive they were reported in the national news services. In another study testing Corvalen by itself, two-thirds of CFS/FMS patients saw improvement and an average increase in quality of life of about 25%— outstanding results for a single nutrient! The use of Ribose (Corvalen) is a major step forward in treating fatigue with the average CFS/FMS patient in the study having a 43% improvement in energy after 2-3 weeks. Pain, sleep, and "brain fog" also improved. Take 1 scoop three times a day for two weeks, then decrease to one scoop twice a day. Lower the dose, however, if you become hyper or too energized.

With SHINE as a tool, you will have what you need to get well!

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