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"Green" Drink to Your Health
Brought to you by The NEEDS Wellness Team

The standard American diet causes the pH to trend towards acidity, which can lead to a multitude of disease states, including osteoporosis, inflammation, arthritis, and chronic fatigue/Fibromyalgia. Sugar, refined foods, dairy, and wheat are some of the common offenders. Vegetables, a largely ignored food group, are the key to alkalizing the body and improving health. A recent study on a powdered greens drink confirmed what we have always believed to be true: eating multiple servings of green vegetables or supplementing with a green drink has a significant impact on alkalizing the tissues in the body.

The study lasted 21 days and involved 34 participants. For the first 7 days, they tested their morning urine to determine their pH without changing the diet or taking any supplements. This data was totaled and averaged to provide a baseline pH. From days 8-21, the participants consumed a tablespoon of powdered green drink in water (without altering their diet) twice a day. The pH increased significantly, meaning it became more alkaline over the course of the study.

If you have a stubborn health condition that just isn't responding to proven remedies, consider testing your pH. If you are acidic, the NEEDS Wellness Team
asks you to consider using a powdered green drink to alkalize. Kyo-Green, by Kyolic, is a blend of grasses and protein-rich, readily absorbable chlorella and kelp to promote optimal gastrointestinal health and balance the body's pH range. ItÕs a tiny adjustment that can sometimes make a big difference in your health.