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Stuck with Candida?*
by Taryn Forelli, N.D.

The human body is estimated to be home to over 100 trillion microscopic residents. Many are known to play a crucial role in maintaining health, but some can compromise health if not kept in balance. One such organism is Candida albicans (Candida, for short), a yeast normally present in the gut, mouth, throat, and vagina. Imbalances of Candida are extremely common. In fact, 75% of women will experience a Candida imbalance in their vaginal tract at some time in their lives. Additionally, many believe that chronic low-grade Candida imbalances may be responsible for a wide variety of physical and mental health concerns, including indigestion, abdominal gas, headaches, low energy, mental fog, general itching, and cravings for sweets.

A healthy balance of Candida in the body is maintained by friendly or "probiotic" bacteria and the metabolites they secrete, several of which directly modulate the growth of Candida.* Consequently, when the number of probiotics decrease due to assaults from stress, smoking, alcohol, and food preservatives, Candida can proliferate, often to the detriment of its human host. Candida imbalances may also be fueled by a diet high in sugar, as well as imbalances in blood sugar metabolism since sugar is the preferred food source for yeast.

Restoring a healthy balance of Candida can be a challenge due to its ability to exist within a protective sticky matrix called a biofilm. The formation of a biofilm begins with a single Candida cell attaching itself to a surface, such as gut or vaginal tissue, using cell-adhesive glycoproteins (a protein or carbohydrate molecule). Once attached, the cell begins to secrete biological glues, which both promote further Candida cell adhesion and protection for the growing cell cluster from attacks by the immune system and other competing organisms. The formation of a biofilm-embedded, multi-cellular community of Candida is a very effective survival mechanism. So effective, in fact, that resistance to antimicrobial agents may increase as much as 1,000 times, according to one researcher. Biofilms can make it difficult not only for conventional Candida treatments to be effective, but for popular natural ones as well.

For several years now, scientists have been challenged to develop natural therapies that target Candida biofilms. While most have turned to the world of synthetic molecules, one group of microbiologists and biochemists have turned to nature and made a surprising discovery.

Cranberry, a fruit long used to promote microbial balance in the urinary tract (an area where Candida imbalances can occur), contains 12 bioactive constituents that significantly modulate Candida adhesion and growth in vitro.* Seven of these constituents are 'novel,' or never before described. Whether these bioactive elements of cranberry have the same effect in humans as they have shown in the laboratory is not known.

The researchers were able to identify the Candida-modulating constituents of cranberry using DART (Direct Analysis in Real Time), a highly sophisticated analytical tool which can generate a precise chemical fingerprint of any substance within seconds. DART allowed the researchers to literally "see" cranberry in a whole new light. They identified several bioactive constituents that bind to the glycoproteins on the surface of Candida responsible for host recognition, adhesion and biofilm formation, and others that slow the replication of Candida. In other words, these elements are believed to make Candida cells less sticky and, therefore, less likely to become imbalanced.

The Candida-modulating constituents in cranberry are delivered as part of a proprietary extract of whole ripe cranberries in a formula offered by New Chapter called Candida Take Care™.* The extract is created using a patent-pending supercritical and hydroethanolic extraction process, which optimizes levels of the key bioactive constituents so that clinically useful concentrations can be achieved in the bloodstream within 30 minutes.* All of the constituents are delivered as part of a broad spectrum of over 700 constituents naturally occurring in whole cranberry. These additional elements provide important synergistic benefits, such as promoting a healthy inflammation response and neutralizing free radicals.* Another truly impressive feature of Candida Take Care is that every dose contains the exact same DART fingerprint as the last. In other words, every vegetarian capsule consumed will deliver the described constituents.

Candida Take Care is a safe and effective way to slip off Candida biofilms and help maintain a healthy balance of Candida in the body.* The suggested serving size is one vegetarian capsule daily for maintenance or two daily for enhanced defense. Consider combining Candida Take Care with a live probiotic supplement, such as New Chapter All-Flora® to further promote microbial balance.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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