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Bach Flower Remedy to the "Rescue" from Holiday Stress
By Denise M. Eaton, BFRP

For many of us, holidays are a favorite time of year. Cheer is in the air and family and friends gather to celebrate and rejoice in the name of the season. So why is it that Òthe most wonderful time of the yearÓ can bring notable levels of stress for some and loneliness and despair to others? Extra financial, family, and energy demands tend to turn even the calmest person into a whirlwind of anxiety.

The Emotional and Physical Fallout of Stress

Emotionally, stress causes us to have fears, anxiety, as well as to be more easily distracted and impulsive; all of which can be traumatic to the body. Physically, stress may cause symptoms of accelerated heart rate; increased muscle tension around the neck, shoulders and face; headaches; lack of focus and concentration; and urges to lash out or hide from situations.

When the body is feeling emotional stress, these physical symptoms surface and in the ensuing domino effect, it begins to cause the immune system to break down. This breakdown that causes the physical symptoms essentially lowers a person's defense or vibratory field, allowing diseases to take over our bodies and well-being (a phenomenon quantifiable by a lab test that demonstrates antibodies-a type of immune cell-as being lower during times of stress). Restoring balance by improving vibration will help prevent the physical symptoms.

What do I mean by "vibration?" Music is a great example of a source of vibration you can feel physically. Picture yourself in a room sitting in a nice cozy chair looking at a crackling fire while listening to classical music. How do you feel physically? Some may feel calm, relaxed, and tranquil. When you feel like dancing or want to do an aerobic workout, however, do you put on classical music? You are more apt to choose music with a beat that stimulates your energy. The vibrations of both these music types caused a physical symptom that is pleasing to you. Emotions, too, are nothing more than a vibration. Stress is an accumulation of negative emotions that causes physical symptoms. Manage the stress and you will minimize the physical symptoms.

How Can We Manage Stress?

Rescue Remedy had been used for over 70 years around the world providing an all-natural, gentle, and effective approach for dealing with the short-term aspects of stress. Dr. Edward Bach, a physician and homeopath who spent his life searching and learning an alternative, holistic method of healing, discovered 38 flowers that balance negative emotional states. Balance the negative state and the body will be stronger and healthier. A study conducted by The Sirkin Creative Living Center, LLC, in conjunction with a group of researchers that included a hospital nurse, three faculty members at the University of Miami, and a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner, found that Rescue Remedy is an effective over-the-counter stress reliever without any known adverse side effects. (Results of the study can be viewed at Rescue Remedy is a combination of five of the 38 flower remedies that works best for stress. The flowers in this blend are:
  • ROCK ROSE - helps relieve the terror of a situation
  • STAR OF BETHLEHEM - helps neutralize the effect of trauma
  • CLEMATIS - helps brings you back to the present moment
  • IMPATIENS - helps to return patience and decisiveness
  • CHERRY PLUM - helps restore calm and confidence
Rescue Remedy can be taken in the moment of stress, is non-addictive so you can use it daily and as often as you need, and safe for all ages. Although we cannot prevent stressful moments, we can manage how we react to them. The holiday season can be a joyous time of year and with a little help from Rescue Remedy, all can find peace and joy.

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