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Cognition Ignition through Nutrition
Taken from originals as written by Dr. Parris Kidd and Tony Jones, American Biologics

Sources of damage to brain and nerve cells are ubiquitous in modern society. Cumulative research shows inner-organizing free-radical production in the absence of adequate antioxidant defenses. Other threats are recreational drugs, especially alcohol (which can devastate the brain), cigarette smoke, many pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, organochlorines, and other pollutant chemicals. Emotional stress also exacts a toll on the nerve tissues, largely through the release of glucocorticoid hormones, like cortisol. Most recently homocysteine, a product of metabolism with great potential for toxicity, has been linked to atherosclerosis with impaired blood delivery to the brain, as well as to nerve network loss in the brain cortex.

All these stress factors come together to place wear and tear on the brain and contribute to its aging. Likewise, we now know there are nutrients that support all the known pathways through which peripheral nerve cells and circuits can be supported as they recover from damage. American Biologics, in conjunction with renowned cellular biologist Parris M. Kidd, PhD, has created nutritional supplements to address these issues. The results are two notable products, Ultra Brain Power™ and Ultra NeuroRecovery™, which may be used individually to address separate concerns or together to synergistically achieve maximum results.

Ultra Brain Power is a science-based formulation of nutrients which support the functions of a healthy brain by protecting against toxic damage and slowing age-related brain decline. Ultra NeuroRecovery, created based on the latest clinical research, helps rebuild peripheral nerves and the central nervous system. This formula is optimized to support nerve tissue renewal following damage. Together these nutrients operate through diverse mechanisms and help facilitate brain oxygenation, remyelination (the repair of the nerve's protective myelin sheath), circuit integration, and antioxidant defense.

The key ingredient in Ultra Brain Power is PhosphatidylSerine (PS). Well-controlled clinical research has proven PS has more universal, holistic benefits for the brain than any other nutrient or drug. Myelination or nerve repair is known to rely heavily on the methylation of phospholipids. When taken as a dietary supplement, PS is a key building block for nerve cells. By building cell membranes, PS revitalizes the cells of the brain, forming connections and rebuilding circuits. Seventeen double-blind trials showed PS helps improve the brain's electrical rhythms and reverse age-related memory decline, notably in those with Alzheimer's and dementia. PS also eases anxiety and assists in lifting depression; benefits motor functions in Parkinson's patients; and generally improves learning, concentration, and word skills. Able to help enhance brain function in all ages with proven safety and tolerability, this powerful nutrient may be the key to help turn back the clock on brain aging that our modern society has been looking for.

With nearly 3,000 total research papers published, at least 64 of which were clinical studies on humans, PS is reportedly an exceptional brain booster. These extensive findings on PS, published in peer-reviewed mainstream scientific journals, suggest that PS works consistently and safely. PS's impeccable safety record may be due to the fact that it is an orthomolecule, meaning it is intrinsic to all the body's cells. By boosting membrane functions in cells throughout the brain, PS appears to simultaneously increase many nerve transmitters, while also increasing their coordinated effects across the entire brain. Researchers feel that PS studies have clearly shown it can reverse brain decline.

Ultra Brain Power is further enhanced with PhosphatidylCholine (PC), PhosphatidylEthanolamine (PE), and Phosphatidyl Inositol ( P I ) . Th e s e phospholipids are related to PS and are reportedly additional building blocks for nerve cell membranes. Their presence is intended to help synergize the actions of PS on brain performance. Ginkgo biloba standardized extract, which fortifies this formula, is recognized to effectively increase blood flow to the brain. Ultra Brain Power also includes taurine, l-glutamine, l-glycine, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and folic acid. These nutrients generally support brain energetics and help recycle the potentially hazardous homocysteine. This formulation is safe when taken as recommended and likely beneficial for individuals of all ages.

Ultra NeuroRecovery is designed to support nerve cell membrane and nuclear repair, remyelination, neural plasticity and de novo (new) nerve tract regrowth following damage from any source. The formula includes alpha lipoic acid, extensively recommended for neuropathy, plus the redox power of glutathione, whose precursors are the core regulatory antioxidants for just about all known cells. Ingredients to defeat homocysteine's threat to nerve cell integrity are present as is inositol, an under-recognized nerve cell nutrient. The formula also contains folic acid. An early indicator of folic acid deficiency is nerve abnormalities, which result in signs of demyelination. In addition, low blood folate is associated with marked signs of mental insufficiency, including but not limited to poor mental focus, distractibility, and mental fatigue. Folate supplementation often produces marked improvement of these nerve tissue dysfunctions. Vitamin B12, vitamin B6, l-glutamine, and inositol are included and complete Ultra NeuroRecovery's comprehensive nerve tissue support formula.

If environmental toxins, sustained emotional stress, and unhealthy lifestyle choices are concerns of yours and you are ready to address them, you may want to consider the separate and collective nutritional benefits of Ultra Brain Power and Ultra NeuroRecovery.

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