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Silver Lines Cold & Flu Season
Contributed by Natural-Immunogenics

When they were first introduced, antibiotics were more effective than anything the medical community had ever seen. This early success understandably generated lots of excitement and thoughts that infectious disease would soon be a thing of the past among many in the medical profession.

Unfortunately, it becomes clearer every day that this is not the case. Antibiotics are meant to fight bacterial infections and are ineffective at combating viral infections. Yet, antibiotics have commonly been prescribed as a blanket remedy for many illnesses including cold and flu. We have now seen a continued decrease in the efficacy of antibiotics even when it comes to fighting bacterial infections due to an increase in resistant strains of bacteria or "super bugs." Antibiotics also can take a major toll on the body, adding further stress to the immune system and oftentimes resulting in secondary infections.

Oligodynamic silver may be a viable solution. Recent research has helped uncover why silver has been such a medicine cabinet mainstay for centuries. It turns out silver actually amplifies the mobilization of the immune system, which offers a formidable first line of defense. Oligodynamic describes the microbiocidal properties of a metal hydrosol or colloidal solution. Silver hydrosol boosts blood cell production and promotes the healthy production of reactive oxygen species (ROS), a tool used by white blood cells to eliminate foreign microbes.Most importantly, silver directly kills infectious microbes (including bacteria, viruses, and fungi) by attacking their oxygen-metabolizing enzymes, and essentially suffocating them. If you are natural astringent, it can help calm swollen tissue, which in turn can make breathing easier. Its oxygen-rich content also helps increase the rate of healing. In addition to a quick recovery, it has the benefits of not tasting or looking like medicine. In fact, it behaves and tastes like water. Silver particles have worked this way for centuries, but we have only recently begun to learn the extent of silver's healing and immunity-boosting power.

Silver hydrosol comes with a dropper for sublingual and oral use and as a spray for coating the mouth, throat, and respiratory tissues (great for travel). It also comes as an intranasal inhaler for the nasal passages (great for flu season). These methods make using silver practical for immune health, especially since most viruses enter via the nose and mouth. Some basic cold and flu applications include:

EYES – 2 drops repeated 4x/day
EARS – 10 drops in ear, hold for 5 minutes, release. Repeat 4x/day
NOSE – 5 to 10 squirts per nostril, while inhaling. Repeat 4x/day
SORE THROAT – Gargle 1 tablespoon lightly for 3 minutes (or spray throat 15x/hour) while lying on your back, then swallow. Repeat 4x/day
INTERNALLY – Hold 1 teaspoon (or 5 full droppers) under tongue for 30 seconds, swallow. Repeat 4 to 7x/day


Sovereign Silver™ from Natural-Immunogenics is the first "true silver hydrosol" with the smallest particle size ever produced at .8 nanometers. The particles in this formula are so small they are actually measured on the picoscale, which is even smaller than the nanoscale, meaning their health-suppor ting properties are even more dynamic and bioavailable than those found in formulas using nanoparticles. The solution of ultra- pure water and silver is formed using an electromagnetic process that creates particles only when elemental silver is provided with a positive charge. Natural- Immunogenics has shown that this process assures that each bottle contains at least 96% active picoscalar particles. With a low silver concentration of only 10 ppm, Sovereign Silver outperforms competing solutions with up to 1,000 ppm, according to studies performed by a third-party laboratory.

Sovereign Silver is a safe, effective, lowdose, versatile product that appears to exemplify the unique characteristics that make silver such a promising supplement.

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