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Candida No-More
by Jennifer Morganti, N.D.

One of the most common concerns that NEEDS customers discuss with our Wellness Educato r s are their difficulties associated with Candidiasis albicans, or intestinal yeast overgrowth.

Sugar-feeding Candida produce illness in a number of ways. Its long, root-like tentacles penetrate the intestinal wall, destroying the membrane system. This allows for toxins to leak into the bloodstream, causing symptoms and aggravating pre-existing conditions. Also, a compromised intestinal wall allows undigested dietary proteins to absorb, which can cause allergies and environmental hypersensitivities. This penetration can then introduce Candida into the bloodstream. From there, it has access to all body tissues and can produce various gland/organ dysfunctions and a weakening of the entire system, lowering resistance to other diseases.

This condition is becoming more prevalent due to a multitude of factors including: the over-prescription of antibiotics, which wipes out the good bacteria and allows Candida to flourish; over-exposure to heavy metals and toxins; hormonal imbalances caused by xenoestrogens, phthalates, and other hormone-mimicking chemicals; excessive use of antacids; stress; impaired immune function; and dietary indiscretion (too much processed food and sugar).

Candida's virulent nature combined with these factors makes eradicating yeast difficult, however, there are many effective anti-Candida products on the market. To simplify the decision-making process, the Wellness Department advises trying the protocol below in conjunction with an appropriate anti-Candida dietary regime. The strategy with this protocol is to use two products that attack the yeast in different ways, making it more difficult for the candida to survive. Many clients have found the protocol to be an effective way to squelch yeast proliferation. The key to success is patience and to follow the plan with diligence. (Note: All steps below must occur simultaneously to be effective.)


Formula SF722 – Thorne Research

SF722 contains undecylenic acid, derived from castor bean oil. It prevents yeast cells from multiplying.

If you have a reaction (abdominal cramps, pain, flu-like symptoms), then stop taking the product for one day and start again at a lower, more comfortable dose.

  • 1-3: One capsule with each meal
  • Day 4: Two capsules with each meal
  • Day 5: Three capsules with each meal
  • Day 6: Five capsules with each meal
You may continue, taking up to 15 capsules daily for up to three weeks, or until symptoms subside.

Candex – Pure Essence Labs

This enzyme product helps kill Candida by destroying the cell wall.


Take 1 capsule in the evening on an empty stomach daily for 3 days, then increase dosage by 1 capsule each week, up to 5 per evening.


FiProFLAX Fiber
Health From The Sun Flax seed fiber absorbs yeast "die-off" (the toxic residue released when Candida fungus dies) and assists with elimination of toxins. It also provides pre-biotics to feed the healthy probiotics.


Take 2-4 Tbsp daily.May be added to cereal, yogurt, oatmeal, juice, or water.

Flora Biotic 16 – Nutri Needs

This probiotic helps replace healthy bacteria in the intestinal tract and creates an unfriendly environment for the Candida.


Take 2 capsules every morning or evening.

When Candida symptoms resolve, slowly reduce dosage of SF722 and Candex over 1-2 weeks to wean off and discontinue use. However, continue taking Flora Biotic 16 daily.

If you continue to struggle with Candida overgrowth even after completing the protocol, there may be underlying problems that must be addressed before the yeast can be eliminated completely. Listed below are some potential complicating factors and their recommended treatments:
  • A healthy immune system should be able to prevent yeast proliferation. If you suspect your immune system is compromised, try adding some immune support formulas to your regime, such as olive leaf extract, IP6, and garlic.
  • Sometimes an over-acidic internal environment will encourage yeast proliferation. Tri-salts will help alkalinize the body and create an unfriendly pH balance for the yeast.
  • A lack of enzymes or hydrochloric acid will prevent proper food digestion, which contributes to Candida growth.
  • A sluggish liver may make it difficult to process Candida die-off, so liver support formulas can lessen the dreaded side effects of die-off, such as headaches, fatigue, and intestinal discomfort.
If you experience sugar cravings, bloating, headaches and/or fatigue, and suspect yeast is the cause of your symptoms, email or call us to request a complimentary Candida assessment questionnaire. We also can provide you with dietary recommendations to support the Candida elimination protocol of your choice.

Another protocol that has worked for many: Candida Purge Program – Core Treatment

The Attogram Candida Purge Program, with a modified diet, consists of a combination of Caproyl® (liquid caprylic acid), Bentonite, Psyllium, and acidophilus mixed with water once or twice daily. When ingested, the following benefits are likely to occur:

The liquid caprylic acid is released into the intestinal wall at a rate determined by the Psyllium gel, not by intestinal pH conditions, which vary widely among individuals. Caprylic acid is slowly released through the entire length of the intestinal tract. As the gel rubs itself against the intestinal wall, it acts as a paintbrush in delivering the liquid caprylic acid. Not a square millimeter of wall is missed through the entire length of the intestines. Because the Candida albicans micro-organisms are buried deep within the toxic accumulations on the intestinal walls, access to them is difficult. But the bulking action of the gel forcibly rubs liquid caprylic acid into the putrefaction and into the Candida.


Extracted from coconut oil, this liquid caprylic acid constitutes the fungicidal component.
In liquid form, the caprylic acid has a coating action on the intestinal wall. It's dispersed in the Psyllium/Bentonite gel, releasing its caprylic acid throughout the entire length of the intestinal tract. Powdered caprylic acid in tablets and capsules don't work as well with the Psyllium gel, even when crushed.


Bentonite must be in a liquid form to exert optimal effect; powders or tablets must be converted to a liquid in the digestive system, reducing its efficiency, since Bentonite does not mix easily with water.


The key ingredient in obtaining the needed gelled consistency, which slowly moves caprylic acid through the intestinal tract. (The Psyllium husks absorb water and form the gel, retarding the absorption of the fungicidal caprylic acid.)

Most Psylliums are husks only and sold solely for their laxative effect, providing only minimal intestinal cleansing action. The psyllium seeds in the Attogram product retain their inherent hardness, thereby scraping away the accumulated fecal build-up on the colon wall. This action gradually, gently removes the Candida breeding ground from the intestinal wall.

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