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Greetings in Good Health!
by Dr. Jennifer Morganti, N.D.

N.E.E.D.S.' consumers are informed individuals. We know how important staying up-to-date on the best choices in natural medicine is to you. That is why education is our No. 1 priority and the foundation of our organization. We believe that the use of herbs, vitamins and supplements, and the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle should not be considered alternative medicine; instead, nutrition and natural medicine should be the first line of thera py. Pharmaceutical drugs and surgery are best reserved for times when all other options are exhausted. We think you'll agree — natural, healthy living is the most fundamental and effective way to feel young and live a long, productive life.

N.E.E.D.S. is here to support your quest to achieve optimal health through diet and supplementation. Our Education Department has evolved to become your best resource for credible health information. Our staff members are experts in their fields —from Nutritionists to Naturopathic Physicians, we are here to answer your questions and help guide you through the confusing world of dietary supplements and nutrition. Our mission is to educate. Because each individual is unique, we strive to help each person determine their specific biochemical needs. We are passionate about minimizing your exposure to chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and food additives and will provide you with the necessary tools to help you regain and maintain your health.

N.E.E.D.S. was founded by Syracuse Pharmacist Stan Meyerson to support Dr. Sherry Rogers' efforts to provide her patients, nationwide, with nutritional supplements. Stan applied his knowledge of human biochemistry and physiology and recognized that nutritional therapy could complement, or even serve a person better than pharmaceutical options. He set high standards for himself, so his customers could rely on him to provide the most credible, upto-date information. Through his work with physicians like Dr. Sherry Rogers and other industry leaders, N.E.E.D.S. has earned a reputation for providing only the highest quality dietary supplements.

To day, we continue the t radition of our founder by educating ourselves about the use of vitamins and supplements, on new products, and on the latest medical research. We have developed an extensive and current library, much of which is focused on our core competencies of Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Fibromyalgia, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. We attend regular seminars and visit with our manufacturers to stay informed on new products and to share our knowledge and experiences with each other. Our dedicated staff acquires new knowledge so that we may continue the standard of excellence set by our founding father. We research the quality of products we offer and ask hard-hitting questions of our manufacturers so that you can feel confident you're purchasing the best possible items on the market today. We p rovide products from some of the highest quality manufacturers, such as Tyler, Douglas Labs, Perque, and Metagenics. Being physician - grade products, they can only be sold by physicians, not through health food stores. Because we offer such a broad selection of products, we are able to objectively provide you with the most effective supplement recommendations.

If you are looking for product suggestions or more information how to begin living a more healthful life, I encourage you to speak with our Wellness Educators. Our personalized consulting services are offered at no charge because we know that education and information are vital to optimizing your health. We will continue to be your resource and your partner in health.

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