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Fatigue ranks among the top health complaints reported by people all across America, while chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) has left millions of patients with serious health problems. Left untreated, fatigue can also set the stage for a host of other health conditions such as fibromyalgia, candida, chemical sensitivities, and cancer. As noted health expert, Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D., points out in his book, Genetic Nutritioneering, "fatigue is the body's statement that it cannot manufacture and control adequate energy to meet its needs."

There are many energy-boosting nutritional products on the market that address the problem of lasting fatigue and CFS, but most of them do so by fueling the adrenal glands. Some supplements can indeed lead to more energy, however, the benefits last only as long as one continues to take the supplement. Other supplements, such as Propax, actually work to repair the adrenal glands, leading to a longer lasting sense of energy. Moreover, once their effects wear off, you can feel even more tired than before you used them.

MITOCHONDRIAThe Key to Lasting Energy

Leading-edge doctors and other health care providers recognize that creating improved and lasting energy levels doesn't always lie with your adrenal glands only, but also with your mitochondria, the microscopic "energy factories" inside your cells that convert nutrients into adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the cells' main energy source. Not only do the mitochondria create over 90 percent of what your body requires for energy, they are also essential for amino acid production and the breakdown of fatty acids.

Due to free-radical damage and other factors, including exposure to heavy metals and pesticides, the mitochondria's membranes can become injured. When this occurs, the end result is less ATP production, and consequently reduced energy. Protecting the mitochondria from damage is therefore essential to preventing and reversing fatigue. Today, many innovative physicians are doing just that through the use of lipid replacement therapy.

While antioxidants remain an effective way of reducing damage to mitochondria membranes, the use of lipid replacement technology has created the ability to replace damaged membrane components; thereby, reversing free-radical damage created over half a lifetime.


Lipid replacement therapy refers to the use of phosphoglycolipids (fat molecules containing one or more phosphate groups) provided through diet and specially-formulated nutritional supplements. Not only are phosphoglycolipids critical for proper cell membrane structure, they also play an essential role in protecting against free-radical damage, helping to ensure that the mitochondria stay healthy. Research has also shown that supplementing with phosphoglycolipids not only halts cell membrane damage, it can even reverse existing damage.

Organ meats and egg yolks are among the best food sources of phosphoglycolipids, but unless you consume large portions of these foods at every meal, you are unlikely to receive all of the phosphoglycolipids your cells and mitochondria require for optimal health and energy.


There are a number of phospholipid supplements on the market today. Of these, Propax with NT Factor® is the product most widely used by cuttingedge physicians and other nutritionally-oriented health professionals; as well as many trainers of professional athletes for lipid replacement therapy. The reason lies in the impressive clinical research that supports its use for effectively improving energy levels, reducing chronic fatigue symptoms, and providing all of the other benefits that restored membrane health allows. These include better metabolism and utilization of nutrients, improved hormone and glucose management, and the body's improved ability to produce antioxidants such as glutathione and super oxide dismutase (SOD). Propax with NT Factor® is a proprietary foodbased formula that combines the most important phophosglycopholipids with a wide range of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, probiotics (Bifido bacterium, L-acidophilus), and other supplements known to enhance energy. Its use is supported by both animal and human trial studies published in leading medical journals.

In one of several studies conducted by noted researcher Garth Nicolson, Ph.D., and his associates that directly evaluated fatigue, 34 people (median age 50) who suffered from moderate to severe fatigue experienced up to a 40% reduction in symptoms after only eight weeks of using Propax with NT Factor®. The participants also showed positive improvements in their mood and cognitive skills. In another study that evaluated the effect of NT Factor® by itself on fatigue and mitchondrial function in an elderly population (average age 69.5 years), the mitochondrial function of study participants was restored to levels similar to that of young, healthy adults. Other human studies have shown that Propax with NT Factor® can significantly reduce fatigue associated with chemotherapy, thereby, helping cancer patients to better tolerate treatment while maintaining good quality of life indicators and reducing chemotherapy-induced toxicity. Published animal studies have also shown antiaging benefits. For example, rats fed NT Factor® from early middle age to advanced age had little or no loss of energy and nerve function, and dramatically less genetic damage compared to rats in the control group.

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