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HydrogenRich Water Stick
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Product Description: Dr. Hayashi's Original HydrogenRich Water Stick, an FDA Registered Medical Device, creates cleaner, less acidic, Hydrogen fortified anti-oxidant water right in your own water bottle!

We have all heard that free-radicals are the leading cause of aging, sickness and disease, but how do we combat them? Until now, consuming vast amounts anti-oxidant rich foods and/or purchasing expensive supplements was the only way to ensure we were even close to neutralizing the destructive, free-radical effects generated by our modern lifestyle. Packaged lifeless foods and chemicals in the food, water, and air we consume in addition to our over-stressed lives ALL contribute toward excess free-radical production.

Finally, a convenient and affordable answer is available - Dr. Hayashi's Original Hydrogen-Rich Water Stick! Simply keeping a Hydrogen Stick in your water bottle and drinking regularly throughout the day will fill your body with free-radical fighting active hydrogen. This is many times more effective than eating anti-oxidant rich food or nutritional supplements alone.

FACT: Most waters are actually oxidizing, not anti-oxidant. With the HydrogenRich Water Stick you are not just receiving anti-oxidants, but eliminating a major source of oxidation in the first place - low-energy, hydrogen-poor water!

While hydrogen is a superior anti-oxidant, it is also literally the fuel that powers your body. Consider each of your cells to be an automobile. Automobiles have many purposes, but all require an engine for power, and a fuel to power the engine. The chemical-engine that powers your cells is called ATP (adenosine triphosphate), and ATP is fueled by hydrogen.

Mainstream medical science has not yet realized the significance of this fact, although some scientists have theorized that one of oxygen's primary functions is to metabolize (or make available) hydrogen from the foods we eat. Hydrogen-rich foods, however, are RAW, UNPROCESSED, UNPACKAGED, NON CHEMICALLY TREATED, NATURAL AND ORGANIC FOODS. If you are like most people in this day and age, very little of the food we ingest would fit this description. Could it be that the plagues of modern times - heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer, and more - are a result of a hydrogen-poor diet?

Specifications: * Dissolved Hydrogen: 0.4 ~1.5 ppm
* Oxidation-reduction potential: -50mV ~ -250mV
* pH: approx. 7.5 ~ 9
* Usable with tap or filtered water.
* For normal use, add one to three sticks to 0.5 to 2.0L of water.
* Use a container no larger than 1.5L for one stick, 1L or less is best.
* Use any water that is safe for drinking. Filtered tap water is best and most economical.
* Using the stick with highly alkaline waters (such as water already processed by an ionizing machine) will lessen the hydrogen output of the stick and is not recommended.
* Thoroughly rinse the new stick under running water and place in a personal water bottle with an air-tight cap.
* Fill the bottle all the way to remove as much air as possible. Shut the cap and shake well.
* Wait 10-20 minutes depending on your bottle size and shake again before enjoying the Hydrogen-Rich water.
* If convenient, and for best results, top off the bottle after drinking any quantity to minimize the air gap. This is not required but will increase the amount of hydrogen you receive. Remember to shake after filling and before drinking UNLESS your bottle is not full, then skip shaking before drinking.
* Dr. Hayashi recommends one stick for those younger than 35, two sticks for those older than 35 and three sticks for those worried about their health.
Hydrogen Stick Performance:
* One Stick - Outperforms ionizer machines.
* Two Sticks - Provides dietary hydrogen as though eating a raw food diet.
* Three Sticks - Disease remediation. Maximum hydrogen water can hold.
* The stick must remain in the water bottle at all times to produce hydrogen-rich water. You cannot pour off the water from a container with the stick as the hydrogen will quickly escape.
* We recommend shaking the stick to release gas from inside that may be preventing water from entering and continuing the gas production reaction. If the stick fills up with gas, but due to the surface tension of certain waters does not escape the inside of the stick the reaction cannot continue. It is best then to always shake your bottle.

Filter Media: The stick is composed of magnesium (99.9% pure) and far-infrared ceramic housed in a porous resin. A reaction between the magnesium and the water in the presence of far-infrared rays causes the production of hydrogen.
Filter Change: The life of the stick will vary depending on frequency of use and other conditions, but it should last for at least six months.
Return Policy: Dr. Hayashi's HydrogenRich Water Stick is a very simple device that cannot malfunction and who's performance can be measured objectively with scientific instruments. Because it is also disposable and not resellable, we only accept returns within 30-days of purchase if unopened and unused.
Warnings: * Do not place stick near a flame or heat in a microwave oven.
* Do not heat the stick in a kettle, rice cooker, pot or other such device.
* Do not add boiling water to a stick that has been placed in a container (heat resistant up to 60 degrees C).
* Use plastic bottles and not glass bottles (pressure from the generated hydrogen gas may cause the glass bottle to break or the cap to forcibly fly off).
* Do not wash the sticks with detergents, benzene, thinner or any other volatile solvents (refer to "Stick Maintenance" on the back side).
* Do not place the stick in your mouth (be especially careful with small children as the stick could become lodged in their throats).
* The stick should only be placed in water (not tea, juice or any other liquids).
* Do not break, take apart, drop or provide any other strong shocks to the stick.
* Once the stick has been used it should remain immersed in the water and not exposed to air (this is to prevent the raw materials from becoming deteriorated through oxidation by the oxygen in the air).
* These instructions will need to be read aloud to any visually impaired user.

Additional Info: Storage:
* Keep this product out of the reach of small children and store in a safe location away from high temperature, high humidity and exposure to direct sunlight.
* The bottle cap should be loose if the stick will be left in the bottle for more than five days (do not make airtight).
* Allow for the generated hydrogen to escape (pressure from the hydrogen gas could rupture the bottle).
Stick Maintenance:
* The effectiveness of the stick to generate hydrogen will deteriorate over prolonged use.
* About once a month the stick should be cleaned in vinegar water.
* Submerse the entire stick in the vinegar water (one part table vinegar to four parts water).
* Allow the stick to soak for about 30 minutes and then confirm the existence of bubbles (hydrogen gas).
* Then, remove the stick, thoroughly wash with running water and reuse.
Verification of Performance:
New sticks always produce more hydrogen than water can hold in a dissolved state and thus exhibit bubbles. After a couple of weeks when the hydrogen producing reaction has stabilized, you will no longer see bubbles - this is completely normal. All the hydrogen is being held in a dissolved state within the water.
Once this hydrogen producing reaction has stabilized, a common candle provides a good analogy for hydrogen stick performance. A lit candle produces a steady amount of light for a period of time. In laboratory tests, 95% of all sticks produce ample amounts of hydrogen for six months while 80% burn out in the seventh month. Therefore, it is important to mark your calendar with a replacement date. Another more important confirmation of the generation of hydrogen gas is the improvement to abnormal gastrointestinal fermentation from one to two weeks after starting to use the Hydrogen Stick. There will be such changes as better bowel movements and reduced stool smell.
Many waters have a high capacity to hold dissolved hydrogen and will not exhibit any bubbles at all - even with new sticks. Do not worry, there is nothing to malfunction with the stick. It is merely composed of mineral and ceramic stones. If these stones are in contact with water, they will produce hydrogen gas. The easiest method by far is taste. Hydrogen-rich water feels smooth and silky in the mouth.